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Why is my pool heater smoking?

What is this? Either of these pool heaters can produce smoke when turned on for the first time. The reason for this is the burner and fan need to burn off dust and other residue before they can be safe to use.

Should my pool heater be smoking?

When you buy a new heater and start it for the first time, you may notice an alarming amount of smoke for the first few minutes of operation. This is because the manufacturer coated the burner parts with a thin coat of oil to protect them from rust. The smoke is normal and unavoidable, and it goes away quickly.

Is it normal for a pool heater to steam?

It powers up and offsets the cold air so you and your family stay warm. Meanwhile, the defrost cycle completes and the outdoor unit becomes a heat pump again, but during the cycle, if you happen to be standing outside, your unit might steam a little! It’s perfectly normal in these conditions.

Can a pool heater overheat?

All pool heaters have high limit switches to prevent overheating. A faulty high limit switch could shut off the heater, or the problem could be that the heater is truly overheating, perhaps from improper exhaust out of the top of the heater.

Do pool heaters need to be cleaned?

The answer is yes. We recommend that owners clean their heat pump coils at least once a year, and that they check monthly to determine if more frequent cleaning is necessary. This will help maintain the units efficiency in transferring heat from the air to your pool water.

Can a pool heater get clogged?

A dirty pool filter wins for the most popular water flow issue on a heater service call. This issue can be diagnosed by removing the filter and running the pump again without a filter in. If the issue was, in fact, a clogged filter, you should have no water flow problems now.

How do I clean the inside of my pool heater?

Use a hand brush or a wet/dry vac to remove the dirt and debris once per year. Make sure the drain holes on the side of the heater are not obstructed, to allow condensation and ‘sideways’ rain to exit the floor of the heater.

How often should you service a pool heater?

once a year

Maintenance. Your pool heater should be scheduled at least once a year for maintenance, and can benefit from bi-annual maintenance. During a maintenance appointment, your pool heater will be thoroughly inspected, components will be cleaned, lubricated and adjusted, and the unit will be tested for safety and performance …

What can damage a pool heater?

That being said, here is the number one reason for pool heater failures (and how to prevent it). The #1 Reason for Pool Heater Failure is not having a check valve installed behind a chlorinator.

#1 Reason for Pool Heater Failures

  • Do Not Cover Your Pool Heater. …
  • Keep Pool Equipment Pad Clean. …
  • Water Chemistry.

How many years does a pool heater last?

6 to 12 years

Pool heaters have an average life expectancy of 6 to 12 years. But if you use them properly, keep them well-maintained, and make sure that the pool has balanced water chemistry, you can help them last longer than expected.

How long will a gas pool heater last?

You can expect a gas or heat pump pool heater to last 8 to 11 years, with an average of 10 years. Regular usage and maintenance is key to a longer lifespan.

Are old pool heaters worth anything?

There is about $100 in total scrap value. Including the tin, cast iron ends, and copper heat exchangers. Sell the pool heater for $400.00 much easier. Heck, you could unload it tomorrow for $250 on kijiji or CL.

How long should my Hayward pool heater last?

7-10 years is the average life expectancy of a pool heater. Some people get more, some get less. I would suggest you replace the unit with a Raypak. Much better unit then the Hayward’s.

How do I clean my Hayward pool heater?

Remove the heater screws that secure the heat exchanger in place; move it to a clean surface. Apply a degreaser to the heat exchanger using a soft-tipped brush. Allow the degreaser time to loosen any soot. Wash the heat exchanger with a garden hose.

How do you clean a Hayward heat pump?

Choose a vacuum or brush to remove any leaves or grass clippings. That may be stuck to the condenser. Be careful not to damage the fins on the condenser.

How do you remove scale from pool heater?

Instructions to remove large calcium deposits from water heater

  1. Drain all water from the water heater tank.
  2. Remove the drain valve. …
  3. Insert a long, narrow brush through space from which you have removed the drain valve. …
  4. Reinstall the drain valve. …
  5. Open the drain valve and attach a garden hose to it.

How do I clean my pool heater Ignitor?

It through the hole. Getting the spider webs out of the nozzle you can see now that I've done this for all five of them but it's nice and clean now you see right on through through the hole there.

Why is my pool heater clicking?

The “clicking,” indicates that the ignitor is sparking and the heater is trying to fire, but the gas and the “spark” are not reaching each other. If the heater has recently been installed, the first thing that must be checked is the gas pressure.

What causes ignition failure on a Hayward pool heater?

“IF” – Hayward Pool Heater Fails to Ignite: the most common reason for this problem is insufficient gas supply. The Hayward heater LED display will show a diagnostic fault code of “IF” which stands for Ignition Failure.

How do you troubleshoot a pool heater?

Check the thermostat. It may be turned down too low. In an older heater that has not been used for several months, the contacts in the thermostat may be dirty. Try moving the knob back and forth several times to clean the contacts.

How much does a pool heater cost?

Between setup and operating costs, a pool heater costs between $300 and $5,000, with the average cost around $2,000.