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Who won the HGTV Dream Home 2018 North Carolina?

Congratulations to Emily Muniz! She is our proud winner of the HGTV Dream Home Giveaway 2018, a grand prize package valued at over $1.8 million.

Who won the HGTV home in North Carolina?

HGTV host Tiffany Brooks surprises Theresa Smith of Glenwood, Maryland, that she is the grand prize winner of the HGTV Smart Home 2016 located in Raleigh, NC.

Did they pick a winner of the 2020 HGTV smart home?

Congratulations to Jyll Doubleday of Santa Barbara, CA; she is the winner of the HGTV® Smart Home 2020 sweepstakes, a grand prize package valued at over $1.5 million dollars. “I was just dumbfounded! It’s still really hard for me to wrap my head around it,” exclaimed Jyll.

Who has won the HGTV dream homes?

Karey Wolstenholm

A huge congratulations to Karey Wolstenholm of Overland Park, KS! She is the winner of the HGTV® Dream Home 2022 sweepstakes, a grand prize package valued at over $2.4 million.

Who won the last HGTV Dream Home?

Karey Wolstenholm

— An Overland Park mom just won her dream home! Karey Wolstenholm was named the winner of the 2022 HGTV Dream Home located in Warren, Vermont. The new 3,090-square-foot home has three bedrooms and three-and-a-half bathrooms and comes with all of its furnishings.

Do you have to pay taxes if you win the HGTV Dream Home?

All federal, state, and local taxes on the Grand Prize are Grand Prize Winner’s responsibility. The Grand Prize Winner will be issued a 1099 tax form for the actual value of the Grand Prize.

Who won the HGTV Smart Home 2021?

Becky Dolan

Congratulations to Becky Dolan of Seattle, WA; she is the winner of the HGTV® Smart Home 2021 sweepstakes, a grand prize package valued at over $1.1 million dollars. “We’re still catching up to the reality of it,” said Becky.

Who won the HGTV Dream Home Sweepstakes 2020?

Congratulations to Susan O’Gorman of Perry, Georgia; she is the winner of the HGTV® Dream Home 2020 sweepstakes, a grand prize package valued at over $2 million dollars.

Has the 2022 HGTV winner been notified?

NEW YORK, April 21, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — HGTV today announced the winner of the HGTV® Dream Home 2022 is Karey Wolstenholm of Overland Park, Kansas.

Do any of the HGTV Dream Home winners live in the homes?

And, it seems the winners don’t even get to enjoy their dream digs for very long. Country Living reported that by 2018, with over 20 HGTV Dream Home winners crowned, only 28% of the winners actually lived in the home for over a year.

How much tax do you pay on the HGTV Dream Home?

Santo said the winner also has to pay income tax. According to HGTV, the grand prize includes the fully furnished house, plus $50,000 cash, valued at a total of about $684,000. Santo says the winner will be taxed at the top federal rate of 37 percent. Add on state taxes, and they’ll owe between $238,000 – $266,000.

Is there a cash option for the HGTV Dream Home?

Cash Option: In lieu of taking title to the HGTV Dream Home 2022 (and the contents of the HGTV Dream Home 2022), the Grand Prize Winner will have the option of receiving $750,000 in cash. Total ARV of the Grand Prize is $1,111,370 if Grand Prize Winner selects the Cash Option in lieu.

Do the clients get to keep the furniture on hometown?

‘Home Town’ clients keep the furniture, but only sometimes

But when it comes to home staging, that’s all extra. Homeowners must decide if they want to work that furniture into their final budget.

Does Ben do the work on Home Town?

Ben, along with his wife and Home Town co-host, Erin, revealed in a July 2021 interview on the “Biscuits & Jam” podcast, that Ben is not a contractor. Instead, he largely spends his time honing his furniture-making skills and is considered a woodworker — which is evident in just about every episode of Home Town.

Do the Napiers live in Laurel Mississippi?

Erin Napier and Ben Napier have become one of HGTV’s most popular couples with their hit show, Home Town. The pair are home improvement experts who live in the historic district of Laurel, Mississippi.

Is Home Town staged?

It was scripted, had professional actors, and was meant to simply entertain viewing audiences and make them laugh. And, laugh we did!

What HGTV shows are fake?

Here are the reasons these HGTV. Shows are totally fake roll please. Love it or list it combines the house hunt and renovation genres. But with a twist at the end of each episode.

Why is Jonathan not on Home Town anymore?

Thankfully, nothing bad happened to Jonathan Walters from Home Town. The project manager simply left the show for a different opportunity in Florida. Jonathan didn’t return for Home Town season 4 which premiered in January 2020. The show now has new project managers named Chase and Katie.

What religion is Ben and Erin?

As they navigate their lives in the spotlight, one thing they will always keep at the forefront of everything they do is their Christian faith. Ben, the son of two Methodist ministers, grew up in a religious household. After meeting Erin and tying the knot in 2008, the couple moved in together in Laurel, Mississippi.

How much does Erin Napier weigh?

132 pounds

Erin Napier’s Height, Weight, and Physical Measurements

She is 5 feet 5 inches or 165 cm tall, while her husband Ben is a whopping 6 feet 6 inches tall. It’s no surprise that Erin refers to her spouse as “large.” Meanwhile, Erin weighs about 60 kg or 132 pounds.

Are the napiers Mormon?

Though he resigned from his position at Laurel First United Methodist Church in 2014 to devote his time to the family businesses, the Napiers are still active members of the congregation.

Where does Erin Napier buy her clothes?

Love Erin’s style sense on Home Town? Good news: You can actually purchase her clothes! “I’ve donated lots of my clothes from seasons 1-4 of #HGTVHomeTown to @theremnantlaurel, a co-op shop with a purpose, so you can buy my gently worn wardrobe while helping women in need,” she shared on Instagram.

Are Erin Napier and Joanna Gaines friends?

HGTV is creating long-lasting friendships! Erin Napier and Ben Napier have become one of the most popular couples on the network with their hit series, Home Town. The home renovation experts struck up a great friendship with Fixer Upper couple Chip Gaines and Joanna Gaines.

What does Lauren Napier do for a living?

FLAUNT by Lauren Napier is a pro-aging beauty product.