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Where did plantation shutters originate?

Originating back in ancient Greece, plantation shutters were used to cover windows and keep out the elements. Glass was a very expensive and hard to come by material so was very rarely used until more modern times. Shutters were made from marble as wood shutters had not been invented yet.

Why is it called plantation shutters?

You may hear or see the term “plantation shutters.” Wood shutters are traditionally called plantation shutters because their size and look are often reminiscent of antebellum plantations in the American Southeast. Generally, this type of shutter is used on larger windows and has the largest louvers.

When did plantation shutters become popular?

19th century

Plantation shutters made their way into the United States by way of Spain, and they were instantly loved by the 19th century owners of large, stately Southern mansions, giving them their familiar name.

What was the original purpose of shutters?

For generations people have associated wood window shutters as a standard feature on most historical buildings ranging from Europe all the way to the southern United States. However, it is believed shutters were developed by the ancient Greeks to provide natural light, proper ventilation and protection from thieves.

Why do they have shutters on windows in France?

Shutters serve several purposes. First is for insulation. They help keep the heat indoors in the winter and the cool air inside in the summer. Few houses in Europe have air conditioning, so it’s important to keep the hot sun out and allow the thick stone walls to cool the home.

Do plantation shutters increase home value?

How do shutters add value to your home? Having beautiful custom-made plantation shutters can add style, elegance, and functionality to your home, which adds value you cannot put a price on. But other benefits like insulation, energy efficiency, and increased property value have financial benefits as well!

What is the difference between plantation shutters and traditional shutters?

Plantation shutters have wider louvers compared to the narrow and smaller louvers of traditional shutters. That is why they work the best with larger windows as the flaps are adjustable and it is easy to control the amount of light that comes through.

Why do Italian houses have shutters?

Those greenish shutters, called persiane, are, like Italians, unique. The American traveler to Italy certainly notices shutters. They grace most windows, offering security, direct sun blockage, and a way to use up all that green paint that Italians would otherwise have absolutely no use for.

Why do Spanish apartments have shutters?

“One of the great things about Spanish shutters is the way that they maintain a cool temperature in the searing heat whilst allowing light to filter in through the room. “They also enliven the streetscape,” he said.

What are French shutters called?

First things first, French shutters for windows are called les volets. Some volets in France are wood and others are metal. Some open in the middle into two vertical panels that can be secured back and others go up and down.

Can you put shutters on French doors?

For French Doors, you can install full height shutters even if there are handles and locks in the way, as we offer custom cut-outs to work around that.

What are French windows?

French Doors are full length and feature a door handle, whereas French windows are half length and have a different handle specifically manufactured for windows. French windows feature two panels of glass that are side hung and open either inward or outward, creating an uninterrupted view.

How do you make French window shutters?

I should have have enough to make a few shutters I also want to make a door at some point for tricky where let me drop these but with this thick area. And one is its private.

What are cafe shutters?

Cafe shutters, otherwise known as half shutters, cover only a portion of the window. An excellent choice for ground floor windows allowing for privacy with the addition of unobstructed light from the upper half of the window. This provides privacy while allowing light into the home too.

How do you make Bahama shutters?

Then cut inch and 3/4 pieces for returns my turn one side and then Jennifer glued and pin nailed those together and stained each one of those. I measured up and made a frame.

Can you DIY plantation shutters?

You no longer have to wait two months for imported shutters with our DIY.

What are the benefits of plantation shutters?

7 Benefits of Plantation Shutters

  • Shutters give better light control than curtains. …
  • They have a classic and timeless design. …
  • Shutters are easy to clean and keep clean. …
  • They complement your colour scheme. …
  • Shutters add value to your home. …
  • They help provide peace and quiet. …
  • Solid hardwood that lasts.

Are plantation shutters difficult to install?

Install. Installing shutters won’t take long, even if you’re a DIY novice. In fact, most of our customers fit their shutters within 60 minutes – and we’re here to help you. Simply select the type of window and the particular guide you need to download your Step By Step Installation Guide.

Can plantation shutters be cut down?

You may have to buy shutters taller than the sash height, but you can trim them. It is best to trim the shutters with a stationary power saw, like a power miter saw, a table saw or a radial arm saw, because it is difficult to make accurate cuts with a hand saw.

Can you cut vinyl shutters to fit?

So you can trim them to fit just. Right. You're gonna gather all your pieces. Up. Once you've got these trimmed it's a nice 2 to 3-inch sections. We gathered them all up.

What can I do with old vinyl shutters?

10 Things to Make with Old Window Shutters

  1. Plant-tation Shutters. Turn shutters with open slats into a succulent planter. …
  2. Shutter Pendant Lantern. …
  3. Marble Top Shutter Island. …
  4. Build a Shutter Side Table. …
  5. Garden Anywhere. …
  6. Make a Shutter Garden Cabinet. …
  7. DIY Photo Display. …
  8. Shutter Shelves.

Will a Dremel cut vinyl siding?

Remember the bits tip should extend an eighth to a quarter of an inch through the siding. Unlike a pair of tin snips the dremel trio has the freedom to quickly and easily change directions mid cut.