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What type of blinds are best for French doors?

Shallow blinds are ideal for French doors. They allow easy use without restricting access to your door handles. Honeycomb and roller shades fit into this category because they easily fit behind door handles.

Do you put blinds or curtains on French doors?

Should You Hang Curtains On French Doors? Many people love French doors for their wide-open look and invitation to the outdoors. However, French doors don’t offer much privacy. We strongly recommend hanging curtains on French doors, so you have the option of displaying the doors or shielding the panes from public view.

What looks good on French doors?


  • patterned grey curtains over the French doors.
  • simple modern grey curtains over the doors.
  • rounded ceiling with neutral curtains by doors.
  • color block cream and navy curtains over the doors.
  • tulle curtains attached right to the doors.
  • burlap curtains attached in bow shape to the doors.

What is best window treatment for French doors?

Cellular shades are excellent for French doors, as they’re extremely energy-efficient and provide good light control. Duette® Honeycomb Shades are among the most energy-efficient window treatments available.

Can roller blinds be fitted to French doors?

Roller blinds add a timeless look to any room and are both functional and stylish. Easy to measure and install, you can find roller blinds that perfectly fits each panel of your French doors. Choose from an array of colours and patterns, including bold prints and subtle hues.

Are French doors out of style?

They’re extremely customizable and allow in additional fresh air when open. When the time comes to replace yours, you might be worried French doors are outdated. These doors remain very much in style for 2021 and beyond.

Can you put cellular shades on French doors?

A: Cellular shades can be mounted on french doors. You would order them as an outside mount shade. Remember on outside mount the cell shades will come the size you enter into the system.

How do you attach blinds to French doors?

How to Attach Mini Blinds to a French Door

  1. Measure the Width. Measure the width of the glass area of the French doors. …
  2. Measure the Height. Take the height measurement of the glass. …
  3. Make Sure the Rail is Level. …
  4. Make Your Mark. …
  5. Drill the Pilot Holes. …
  6. Line the Pilot and Mounting Holes. …
  7. Install the Rail. …
  8. Insert the Pins.

What are INTU blinds?

INTU blinds instead of having a four-sided frame, come with a headrail which sits on the face of the window at the top. Two discreet side channels that then run the length of the window, which keeps the blind under constant tension.

What type of blind is best for a door?

Faux Wood Vertical Blinds

If you need to cover a large door or pair of doors, vertical blinds may be the best option for you.

How do you decorate French doors?

Decorating Your French Doors: A Bit of Help

  1. Add some full-length drapes.
  2. Paint them and leave them.
  3. If you like simplicity, pick out a great color and paint your doors. Then just leave them bare! …
  4. Curtain can do it too!
  5. Want something more casual? …
  6. The bedroom…
  7. O the romance! …
  8. The living room…

How do you modernize French doors?

I settled on little lamb which is a fusion mineral paint it's just going to be neutral. It's gonna blend in but it's still going to make the door stand out which is what I'm after.

When should you use French doors?

Introduced to provide access to outdoor living spaces, exterior French doors are most commonly used as openings onto gardens, patios, and balconies.