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What is the undertone of Stonington Gray?

blue undertoneblue undertone, making it a gray-blue paint color. Now, the blue undertone in Stonington Gray isn’t quite as pronounced as say, Gray Screen, but it’s still apparent.

Does Stonington Gray have undertones?

Stonington Gray DOES favour a mild blue undertone that can sometimes slide just a wee willy wink blue-green. Rarely does it flash purple, but like almost ANY gray, it can be encouraged in the right environment.

What is a lighter version of Stonington Gray?

There is a color from Glidden’s The Master Palette that has similar attributes as Stonington Gray just lighter. It’s N.B.C. White 1010 30GY 76/017. You can get it at The Home Depot. If they don’t have a chip, they can mix up a sample pot.

Is Gray Owl lighter than Stonington Gray?

The LRV of Gray Owl vs Stonington Gray

At 65, Gray Owl is undoubtedly a lighter colour and will reflect decent light back into your room. LRV isn’t an exact art, but I would say that Gray Owl is about one tone lighter than Stonington Gray.

What color goes well with Stonington Gray?

Stonington Gray is a cool gray with a stormy blue-purple undertone. This means it’s not a bright, fresh gray but rather one that offers good contrast with white trim or even black accents. It has an LRV of 59, meaning it’s not a super bright color but it’s still light enough.

How is Gray Owl different from Stonington Gray?

Gray Owl is a few shades lighter than Stonington Gray, with a more prominent green undertone. Gray Owl has more of a light, casual, almost beachy look, while Stonington Gray is a bit darker with a tendency to lean quite blue in cool light.

Is Stonington Gray a warm color?

Stonington Gray is a cool-toned paint color. Generally, cool-toned paint colors will have undertones that are blue, purple, and green. Whereas, warm-toned paint colors have undertones of red, orange, and yellow.

Which is darker Coventry gray or Stonington Gray?

Coventry Gray is by far the darker paint color, with a light reflectance value of 48, compared to Stonington Gray’s LRV of 59. Darker colors are given a value 0-50, with 0 being the absolute blackest, and lighter colors are valued 50-100 with 100 being the whitest white.