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What is the end of the driveway called?

The apron, also known as the approach, is the part of the driveway closest to the road and usually made from the same material as the rest of the driveway.

How do you pour a concrete apron?

Down where we're going to begin and then where the trench strains connect together the seams we'll put another pad. Down and then we'll set the trench drain right in the wet.

What do you call circle driveway?

Circular Driveways

Sometimes called a horseshoe driveway, this layout option has an entrance at the road, rounds off as it approaches the house and then has a separate exit lane leading back to the road.

What is a concrete approach?

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What is a driveway apron?

What is a driveway apron? It’s the area where your residential driveway meets the street pavement. You can transform that plain patch of tarmac by tearing up the section above the curb and replacing it with materials that look like they were taken from the streets of Brussels itself.

How do you lay out a driveway?

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Or sometimes even in the rear. Will be a determining factor of your layout. Design most of the layout options will be near the garage. Since that is where your driveway needs to be most functional.

What are driveway ribbons?

What is a ribbon driveway? Ribbon driveways, sometimes called Hollywood driveways, usually consist of two parallel tracks paved with a hard material and separated by an unpaved area.

What are the parts of a driveway?

The component parts of the driveway approach are termed the apron, the end slopes or the curb return, and the sidewalk section.