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What is the depth of a counter deep refrigerator?

–30-inches deep24–30-inches deep, shallower than most fridges, to line up with the end of your cabinets and fit in nicely with most modern kitchen designs.“Counter-depthCounter-depthTo measure the depth, start at the wall (not the backsplash) and measure to the edge of your countertop. Your counter-depth measurement should be about 24-25 inches. This dimension is equivalent to the depth of the refrigerator box, excluding the refrigerator doors and handles.

How deep are counter deep fridges?

around 30 inches

Most counter-depth fridge dimensions top out with a depth of around 30 inches. By contrast, traditional refrigerators can be as deep as 36 inches. To make up for the shallower depth measurement, standard counter-depth fridge dimensions tend to be wider (around 36 inches).

What is the narrowest counter-depth refrigerator?

What is the narrowest refrigerator? The most narrow refrigerator is 24 inches wide and typically has around 10 cubic feet of space inside.

What is the depth of a counter depth refrigerator vs standard?

A kitchen’s counters are typically between 24 and 25 inches deep, meaning that standard-depth fridges will stick out from the edge of your countertops by 5 to 10 inches.

Are counter-depth refrigerators worth it?

The Benefits

Many will choose a counter-depth refrigerator simply because this style gives the kitchen a more uniform profile. The refrigerator does not protrude several inches past the counter. More convenient access to contents. Finding and retrieving contents from a counter-depth refrigerator is much easier.

What is the standard counter-depth?

25 ½ inches

Countertop depth standard measure is 25 ½ inches, though this varies based on appliance depths, room size, base cabinet size, and the backsplash details. Having a standard depth countertop helps maximize your space and enhances the look of your kitchen. Cabinet depth standard measure is 24 inches.

How far should a fridge stick out past the counter?

Do Fridges Need Space Around Them? In short, the answer is yes. Your fridge will need about two inches of space away from the wall in the back to allow for air circulation. On the sides, you’ll want your fridge to have about 1/8 inch for a standard fridge and about 1 inch on each side for cabinet depth.

Are all counter-depth refrigerators the same size?

What is the standard size of a counter-depth refrigerator? A standard counter-depth refrigerator generally ranges from about 24–30 inches in depth not including handles as compared to 30–36 inches for a standard size refrigerator.