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What is the average size of an apartment refrigerator?

Designed to fit into small kitchens, 24″ wide apartment refrigerators are slimmer than a 30–36″ wide standard refrigerator, but are usually in the same 60–75″ height range. This means that apartment fridges have more storage than a dorm or mini refrigerator, with interiors similar to a full-size fridge.

How many cubic feet is an apartment size refrigerator?

A 7.3 or 7.4 cubic foot refrigerator is large enough for most apartment dwellers, but you may prefer a model with more than ten cubic feet of storage space.

What is a standard size refrigerator?

Standard refrigerator sizes range from around 24 to 40 inches in width, 62 to 72 inches in height and 29 to 36 inches in depth. Generally speaking, french door and side-by-side refrigerators will be larger in width and height, though counter-depth models are frequently available in these two configurations.

How tall is a refrigerator apartment inches?

60- to 75-inch

Apartment-friendly refrigerators are slimmer than standard 30- to 36-inch refrigerators while retaining a 60- to 75-inch height range. In terms of useful features and space efficiency, this is where small space refrigerators vary.

What are small refrigerator sizes?

A small or compact refrigerator features a width of 24 inches or less and a depth of around 28 inches. If you need a condensed refrigeration appliance to fit seamlessly into your kitchen, continue reading to find out which 24-inch refrigerator models for small spaces are designed to look great and perform even better.

What size is an apartment size freezer?

An apartment sized freezer is meant to fit in a small space, so you’ll find they range in size from a tiny 1 cubic foot to around 7 cubic feet. That’s fairly small in comparison to a large standalone freezer that can be as large as 21 cubic feet.

What is a medium size refrigerator?

A medium, standard refrigerator size is 24 to 32 inches wide, 66 to 70 inches tall, and 29 to 36 inches deep. A medium refrigerator with 20 cu. ft. is ideal for a family of 4.

How many cubic feet is a regular refrigerator?

When it comes to the interior, the refrigerator itself should provide you with 14 to 20 cubic feet of space. Totally, however, you are looking at an average between 22 and 31 cubic feet. Of course, some smaller kitchens may consider a smaller size refrigerator to be more standard.

How tall is a 7 cubic foot refrigerator?

The adjustable shelves in the interior of the Thomson 7.5 cu. ft. Top-Freezer Refrigerator (55.31″ height x 22.83″ width x 22.36″ depth) provide flexibility in food storage.

How tall is a 9 cubic foot refrigerator?

9.0 cu. ft. capacity (Fresh Food 6.6 cu.


Net Weight 115.0 lb
Case Depth Without Door 20.5 in
Depth with Door Open 90° 46.0 in
Depth Without Handle 23.25 in
Overall Height 55.0 in

How big is a 4.5 cubic refrigerator?

The smallest cube-shaped mini fridge measures 17 inches wide, 18 7/8 inches deep and 20 1/2 inches tall. A larger 4.5 cubic foot model with a separate freezer measures around 19 inches wide, 20 inches deep and 43 inches tall.

What size is a 10 cubic foot refrigerator?

ft. Refrigerator/Freezer-Reversible Door-Frost Free-Transparent Crisper-Adjustable Glass Shelves-White, 10 : Everything Else.

Enhance your purchase.

Brand RCA
Product Dimensions 22.75″D x 23.25″W x 68.25″H
Voltage 120 Volts
Finish Type Matte

What size is a 3/4 fridge?

What Refrigerator Size Do You Need?

Family Size Minimum Refrigerator Capacity Our Top Picks
3 or 4 people 14–24 cu. ft. LG 22.5 Cu. Ft. Smart Wi-Fi Enabled Counter Depth French Door Refrigerator
5+ people 25+ cu. ft. Samsung 26.7 Cu. Ft. Side-by-Side Refrigerator

How do I choose the right size refrigerator?

How Big of a Fridge Do You Need? As a rule of thumb, you want about 4-6 cubic feet of storage per person in your household. Most fridges for sale will list their cubic foot capacity, but if you’re not sure, use a cubic foot calculator to figure it out based on the refrigerator’s width, depth, and height.

What size fridge do I need for a family of 4?

As for capacity, most manufacturers recommend 19 to 22 cubic feet for a family of four. But if you do a big weekly shopping trip or buy in bulk, you may need more—up to 30 to 33 cubic feet.

How do I determine the size of my refrigerator?

Go from the floor to the lowest point on the upper cabinets. Finally you'll measure the depth of the space. Go from the back wall to the front edge of your counters or adjacent wall.

What size fridge do you need for 2 people?

in the long run. 2. Allow an extra 28.5L for each additional household member, plus freezer space. If in doubt, get the bigger fridge.

If in doubt, go bigger.

Household size Recommended volume Price range
1–2 people 250–380L (1) $429–$2399
3–4 people 350–530L $699–$4799
5 or more 440L+ (2) $1079–$5500+

What does 22 cu ft mean for refrigerators?

And why it's deceptive and there isn't as much capacity. There as it appears. Right here we have the Jenn Air refrigerator which is a twenty five to eight foot refrigerator let's take a look inside.

How wide is a 28 cubic foot refrigerator?

36-Inch Wide

Ft. 36-Inch Wide Side-by-Side Refrigerator in White.

Is 27 cubic feet a large refrigerator?

Samsung’s 27 cu. ft. large capacity 3-door French door refrigerator is beautifully designed with a minimal dispenser, sleek-edge doors, and modern handles. The clean lines and modern form blend beautifully into your kitchen, while the fingerprint-resistant finish withstands everyday smudges.

How tall is 18 cubic feet refrigerator?


It is available in a stainless steel, white, or black finish. The Frigidaire Top Freezer Refrigerator (18 Cu Ft) has an overall height of 66.125” (168 cm), width of 30” (76.2 cm), and depth of 32.125” (81.6 cm).

How big is the opening for a 36 inch fridge?

The refrigerator opening must have minimum dimensions of 70″ high x 36-1/8″ wide x 24-1/2″ deep as shown at right. If there is an overhead cabinet, allow 1″ for cabinet door clearance with the top trim piece so the cabinet doors can be opened without hitting the top trim.

Will 36 inch fridge fit in a 36 inch opening?

Yes, it should. Mine measures 35.75″ wide. Sorry, there was a problem.

How much space do you need for a 33 inch refrigerator?

Yes 34 inches is enough room. In general you want 1/8 to 1/4 inch on each side.

Will a 35.75 refrigerator fit in 36 space?

No, the fridge itself is 35.75″ wide. Also, you will need a 36.5″ opening since the fans on the fridge is located on both sides near the bottom and not in the rear like the older style fridges.

How much space does a refrigerator need around it?

Plan Proper Ventilation

Refrigerators need to breathe. If they are entirely boxed in, then there’s not much room for ventilation. When you measure the space for the refrigerator, and compare it to the size of the refrigerator, leave at least 1 inch of extra room for the back and the top of the refrigerator.

What is a zero clearance refrigerator?

A zero clearance refrigerator is designed to have a zero clearance hinge. This means the fridge’s door will open without a gap between the door and the fridge. This ensures the door is not going to bang against a wall or anything that is nearby in a cramped space.