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What is sochan?

DESCRIPTION: Also known as green-headed coneflower or “sochani” by the Cherokee, this nutty and peppery-flavored wild green grows along riverbanks and damp woodland borders. It looks similar to black-eyed Susan, but can reach heights up to 10 feet. Gather sochan in the spring when it’s young and tender.

How do you identify a sochan?

Sochan, also known as green-headed coneflower or cutleaf coneflower, is an herbaceous perennial in the sunflower family. In late summer and fall, it sends up a tall flowering stalk; the yellow, daisy-like flower having a green center instead of the typical brown center.

Is cutleaf coneflower medicinal?

Green-headed Coneflowers had numerous uses as food and as medicine. Both the Native Americans and the early European settlers used this plant. A root tea infusion was made for treating worms and indigestion. The flowers were used as a poultice for treating burns.

What does sochan taste like?

The flavor of sochan could, at first be likened as “celery-esque” but that celery-like flavor is more specifically, to me, the flavor shared by many different Asters. It’s a slightly herbal flavor, but not overpowering, err, not overpowering to start.

How do you harvest sochan?

Sochan leaves may be gathered by hand picking. Gatherers should take care to avoid disturbing/damaging belowground plant parts or uprooting plants. An amendment to the gathering agreement, allowing gatherers to harvest whole leaves as well as the “turkey foot” portion, went into effect in February 2020.

Can sochan be eaten raw?

Sochan (Rudbeckia laciniata) or Cherokee greens. Leaves can be harvested and eaten raw in salads, or cooked and used like kale or spinach.

How do you eat coneflowers?

Although all parts of the plant are edible, the leaves and flower buds are most commonly harvested for herbal tea.

  1. Harvest coneflowers beginning in their second year. …
  2. Cut through the stem with a sharp pair of shears. …
  3. Strip the leaves from the stem after harvest. …
  4. Spread the flower buds and leaves out on a drying screen.

Is yellow coneflower edible?

You could harvest the leaves of the stem believes in stem were hung and sun-dried to be stored for future. Use.