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What is LP SmartSide lap siding?

What is LP SmartSide siding made of?

LP SmartSide siding looks more like traditional wood because it’s made of wood – wood strands and fibers that are treated with zinc borate to resist damage from termites and fungal decay.

What is LP smart lap?

LP® SmartSide® Cedar Texture Strand Lap Siding is one of the most durable lap siding options in the market today. LP® SmartSide® siding delivers the warmth and beauty of traditional wood, plus the durability and workability of treated engineered wood.

What is the difference between Hardie board and LP SmartSide?

The primary difference between the materials used to make SmartSide siding and Hardie siding is that SmartSide uses a wood-based product, while Hardie uses a cement-based product.

What is LP smart board siding?

LP SmartSide is made from engineered wood—a layered product that binds natural wood with manufactured materials to create siding that offers lasting strength and protection. LP’s SmartGuard process treats each strand of wood with a proprietary combination of zinc borate, resins, and waxes to create durable boards.

How long does LP smart siding last?

Both vinyl siding and LP SmartSide are durable, long-lasting options to protect your home. You can expect both products to last well over 20 years with hardly any maintenance needed on your part.

How often does LP smart siding need to be painted?

Learn to Identify Signs That It’s Time to Repaint Siding

On average, engineered wood siding usually requires repainting every 5 to 10 years as compared to wood siding, which usually needs repainting every 3 to 5 years. Vinyl siding also may be painted if the color has faded.

Is LP SmartSide being discontinued?

She said sales of LP’s SmartSide fiber-based siding, produced at the Roaring River plant, have continued to decline and the company decided to discontinue production of fiber-based siding in the U.S. by the end of 2020.

Is LP SmartSide waterproof?

Exposure to water should be a consideration as you choose siding materials. Although most siding products are not completely waterproof nor flood resistant, LP® SmartSide® Trim & Siding is engineered with LP’s proprietary SmartGuard® process to withstand siding water damage and help protect your home from moisture.

Does LP SmartSide need sheathing?

LP SmartSide vertical siding can NOT be attached directly to studs, it must be attached to a minimum 7/16 category wood structural panel wall sheathing.

When was LP siding recall?


What Were the Recall Years of LP Inner-Seal Siding? LP Inner-Seal siding was produced from 1985-1995. In 1996, a class-action lawsuit was filed against LP citing manufacturing issues with the composite siding. This was a big deal.

Can LP SmartSide be painted?

Did You Know? LP® SmartSide® Siding Can Be Painted to Suit Any Taste.

Is LP SmartSide pressure treated?

Each strand of wood is precisely shaped and treated to the core with a formula of adhesive resins and zinc borate. Zinc borate is one of few chemicals that is actually safe for external and internal use in homes. LP SmartSide has the benefits of pressure-treated wood without being harmful to humans and animals.

Is LP smart siding structural?

LP’s proprietary SmartGuard® process helps keep out moisture for long- term durability and strength against harsh weather. Even after years of exposure, LP SmartSide products remain structurally sound, so you can feel confident.

How thick is SmartSide siding?

12” and 16” Bold Profile Lap

Length Actual Width Minimum Thickness
16 ft. 11.86 in. 0.450 in.

What thickness does LP Smart siding come in?

Available in two thicknesses 4/4 (0.625″ actual thickness) or 5/4 (0.910″ actual thickness). These products are excellent for use as corner boards, around doors, and windows. All trim boards come in 16-foot lengths which can make installation faster.

What is the difference between SmartSide 38 vs 76?

What’s the difference between Series 38 and Series 76 Lap Siding? Other than material thickness, one main difference is 38 Series Lap Siding may be installed on studs spaced a maximum of 16 inches o.c. whereas 76 Series Lap Siding may be installed on studs a maximum of 24 inches o.c.

Can you rip LP SmartSide trim?

Can I rip the LP SmartSide trim? a. Ripping the trim, and fascia is not recommended, as it will leave the edges unprotected. If the material is ripped, special care must be taken to prime, paint, and seal all exposed wood fiber as described in the finishing section of the respective installation instructions.

How do I install SmartSide panels?

Let's begin installing by snapping a level chalk line along the bottom of the wall. Make. Sure it is level by measuring from the top of the wall down to your clearance height. Remember.

Can you use screws on LP smart siding?

LP SmartSide has three product categories: Precision Series, Foundations and Architectural Collection. When installing Precision Series lap in this application, you may use 0.091″ diameter, hot-dipped galvanized ring shank nails or #8 hot-dipped galvanized tapered head wood screws.

Do you put plywood under siding?

Question: Do you put plywood under siding? Answer: If it’s plywood sheathing, yes you can put it under the siding. It’ll be the best structural support for your house.