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What is a safe cash rating?

A safe’s cash rating tells you its level of security. Specifically, the cash rating refers to the amount of cash that an insurer will usually cover when it’s kept in the safe.

What does the cash rating of a safe mean?

Simply put, a safe’s cash rating shows you how secure it is. All safes with a cash rating have been tested for their security and are then ‘rated’ based on their resistance. Safes are broken into under test conditions and then, based on the resistance to attack, are categorised into cash ratings.

What is the cash rating for Home safe?

Cash rating is simply a measure of how hard the safe is to “crack”. A safe with a $100,000 cash rating is manufactured to resist various types of attacks. Where as a low grade safe might only be resistant to small hand tools such as screw drivers and small prybars.

How is a safe rated?

Safes are labelled using two different methods: construction and performance. Construction classification relates to burglar protection and is determined by the specifications of the safe. Performance ratings are determined by tests designed to replicate safes in fire and burglary situations.

What is a Euro Grade safe?

What do Euro Grade safe ratings mean? The Euro Grade system is a European wide security numbering system that is applied to a number of high-security safes that are specifically designed as a reliable solution for homeowners and commercial businesses to safely store cash and valuables.

What are the different grades of safes?

Safe Ratings Explained

  • “B” Rate Safe: A safe with at least a 1/4-inch body and a 1/2-inch door. …
  • RSC (Residential Security Container): This is an Underwriters Laboratory™ (known as U.L. …
  • “C” Rate Safe: …
  • “E” Rate Safe: …
  • “ER” Rate Safe (E Revised) – U.L.™ TL-15 Rate: …
  • “F” Rate Safe – U.L. …
  • G&A Rate Safe – U.L™ TL-30X6 Rate:

What is a eurograde 1 safe?

Eurograde 1 safes have an approved cash rating of £10,000 (or £100,000 for valuables). Eurograde high security safes offer the highest security level available and are tested to conform to the stringent European test standard Eurograde EN 1143-1.

Does a gun safe have a cash rating?

As you make your way around the eSafes online store, you might notice that certain gun safes carry a cash rating. A cash rating is awarded to specify that the safe is built to a standard that certified to cover certain amount of cash.

What is the best grade safe?

The highest rating, Grade VI, means that the safe has the greatest level of resistance in the event of an attack, whereas a Grade 0 rating indicates less resistance.

Where are Burton Safes made?

Burton Safes offices are based in Huddersfield, Yorkshire. This manufacturer started by making safes for churches and has now over the years expanded to offer one of the UK`s widest range of safes.