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What is a macerating toilet system?

A macerating toilet is an upflush toilet system. It sends waste to a unit behind the toilet in a large container or in a container in the wall. High-powered blades liquefy the waste before it is pumped out of the unit through a pipe that is directly tied to the main drain line.

Where does the waste go from a macerator toilet?

The macerator pump uses a stainless steel fast-rotating cutting blade to convert solids and fluids into a fine slurry that is discharged under pressure through small-diameter piping (¾-inch or 1-inch) and expelled into the sewage line or septic tank.

Is a macerating toilet a good idea?

Macerators create more noise than standard plumbing and can be prone to blockages from anything other than toilet tissue, but the great thing about them is that they enable you to install a loo almost anywhere you fancy. Installing a macerator pump is also cheaper and easier than extending your existing sewage system.

Can you use a normal toilet with a macerator?

Macerator pumps can be installed behind the toilet pan or in a different location as needed. They can be used with both close-coupled and wall-hung toilets.

What is the advantage of a macerator?

The advantages or “pros” of a macerator are pretty obvious: Can pump waste up any incline (when is that ever an issue, though?) or over a great distance. Less potential for mess.

Are macerating toilets noisy?

The Saniflo macerator is no louder than a toilet flushing. The sound volume emitted in decibels may vary from one installation to another, depending on the product and especially the surroundings (tiled room or not, size and shape of the room, etc.).

Can you put a macerator toilet anywhere?

The biggest benefit that you receive when you purchase a macerating toilet is that they can be installed anywhere in the house whether you have a traditional plumbing or drainage system or not. These toilets are great alternatives for areas that were never intended to have a toilet.

Can you put toilet paper in a macerator?

Protect your Saniflo macerator by only allowing waste and toilet paper through the system. Anything else will inevitably cause a blockage, which can lead to easily avoidable repairs.

How long do Macerators last?

The common rule regarding macerator pumps, is the machine, which will usually last up to 15 years, if handling a small amount of waste. With standard usage in a main bathroom in a domestic home, you can assume a macerator to last at least for about 10 years.

Is a macerator necessary?

If you are camping with full hookups or easy access to the dumping station, then the RV macerator pump might not be a necessity. However, if you are camping with inconvenient drain connections or where there aren’t proper drains, a macerator pump might make a smelly job better.

Are macerator pumps worth it?

If you frequently have trouble emptying your black tank or have had to cobble together a contraption to angle your hose towards sewer connections, then absolutely – an RV macerator pump is worth it!

How do you install a macerating toilet?

Base slide the toilet out of the way then drill the holes for concrete anchors using the correct size masonry. Bit slide the toilet back into position and then install the anchoring.

How far can a macerator toilet pump?

The unit pumps the effluent upward to 15 feet and/or 150 feet horizontally (with gravity fall). Once the water level in the container goes down, the micro switch deactivates the unit until the flush is activated again.

How much is a macerating toilet?

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This item Saniflo SaniPLUS: Macerating Upflush Toilet Kit (with Standard Bowl) Saniflo SaniPLUS: Macerating Upflush Toilet Kit (with Elongated Bowl + Extension)
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Can a toilet macerator pump uphill?

Up the drain

If we examine a modern range like that of Saniflo, they have various models that will pump vertically up to 4 metres, horizontally 40 to 50 metres, or a combination of the two (which will involve a trade-off between the two figures).

Can you use a macerator with a bath?

Whether you want to install a full bathroom with toilet, basin, bath and shower or just a cloakroom suite with a toilet and basin it’s easy with one of our macerators. They come with multiple inlets so you can have just what you want, anywhere in your home.

Can you drain a sink into a macerating toilet?

Properly sized, a macerating system can handle all the fixtures in a bathroom, including the sink, shower, tub and toilet, even on a septic system. What’s more, these fixtures will work up to 12 feet below and as far away as 150 feet from a septic tank or sewer line.

What can you put in a macerator?

What can I put inside a hospital macerator?

  • Single-use pulp products such as disposable bedpans, washbowls and urinals. …
  • Human waste including faeces, vomit and urine.
  • Maceratable wipes, be certain that any wipes you dispose of are maceratable and do not contain plastics such as polypropylene.

How much does a Saniflo bathroom cost?

Its suggested retail price for a full system with bowl and tank is $1,314.00 (elongated) or $1,280.00 (standard); although we sell all products at the lowest price allowed by the manufacturer, so you get a 15% discount: $1,116.90 (elongated) or $1,088.00 (standard).

Do Saniflo toilets smell?

Why does my Saniflo smell? Bad smells can be due to a build-up of limescale and human waste in the 2-3 inches of water that’s always left in the Saniflo. To see if it’s your Sanilfo that’s emitting the bad smell, flush your toilet or fill your basin with water and then unplug it.

How do you clean a macerating toilet?

Pour 1-2.5 litres of Toilet Cleaner & Macerator Descaler into the toilet bowl. Turn the macerator pump on for a few seconds to allow the descaler to enter the macerator. Turn the macerator off again and allow to work for 2 hours. Do not flush the toilet during this time.

Does a macerating toilet need to be vented?

Unless you’re using a SaniCOMPACT, which doesn’t require venting, you’ll need to vent the macerator pump into your home’s vent system.

Where does the waste go from a Saniflo toilet?

When you flush a toilet with a SANIFLO or WasteAway macerator pump attached, the waste is first moved into the macerator unit. It is met there by a rotating cutting blade that moves at incredible speed, to pound solid waste and material like toilet paper into a liquid effluent.

Are Macerators reliable?

Older models have a reputation for being unreliable and for frequently breaking down. These two things are not quite as much of a concern these days due to advances in technology, but a macerator is not likely to be quite as reliable as a regular toilet with a normal sewage pipe connection.