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What is a luminaire Hickey?

A hickey fitting is a simple metal part that allows you to connect the threaded nipples of two different sizes to an electrical box. You use a hickey when installing a chandelier or other type of a hanging light fixture.

What is a luminaire studs or hickeys?

Hickeys are often used to support large chandeliers. This mechanical device acts as a coupling by joining the luminaire (fixture) stem to the luminaire (fixture) stud. First the hickey screws onto a luminaire (fixture) stud, and then, a luminaire (fixture) stem attaches to the hickey.

What is the maximum number of 12 AWG THW conductors permitted in a 4 in Octagon box that is 1/2 in deep the box contains a fixture stud and a hickey?

nine 12 AWG conductors

Table 314.16(A) permits a maximum of nine 12 AWG conductors in a 4-inch square box that is 1 1/2 inches deep. This installation is Code compliant.

How do you do a box fill?

The ground you can have one ground you can have to ground you can have three ground you can have ten grounds. The ground in a box fill calculation is counted as one.

What is the maximum weight of a luminaire permitted to be hung from a device outlet box on the wall?

50 pounds

Outlet boxes can support luminaires weighing no more than 50 pounds (23 kg), unless the outlet box is listed for the weight to be supported (See Figure 3). Luminaires can also be supported independently of the outlet box [314.27(B)].

How many 12 2 wires can you put in a outlet box?

Plastic Box Fill Capacities

Single Gang Boxes: A total capacity of 18 cubic inches allows for nine #14 gauge wires, eight #12 gauge wires, or seven #10 gauge wires.

Do ground wires count in box fill?

Equipment-grounding conductors and equipment-bonding conductors are not counted the same as other conductors. Each grounded (neutral) conductor and each ungrounded (hot) conductor, originating outside the box and terminating inside the box, counts as one conductor.

How many wires can go into a junction box?

Choose the Right Junction Box

For example, the smallest 2-by-4-by-1-1/2-inch-deep box can comfortably splice only two cables (four or five conducting wires), while the largest 4-by-4-by-2-1/8-inch-deep boxes can handle as many as four to six cables (up to 18 individual conducting wires).

Are outdoor luminaires permitted to be attached to living trees?

410.16(H) (Means of Support) Trees. “Outdoor luminaries (lighting fixtures) and associated equipment shall be permitted to be supported by trees.

What can be used to terminate the luminaire?

(a) A luminaire shall be permitted to be connected with a cord terminating in a grounding-type attachment plug or busway plug.

How should a luminaire that weighs more than 50 lbs be supported?

Ceiling Outlets

A luminaire that weighs more than 23 kg (50 lb) shall be supported independently of the outlet box, unless the outlet box is listed and marked for the maximum weight to be supported.

Do fixed glass panels count as wall space?

The space occupied by fixed panels (in exterior walls) is considered wall space and must be included when determining the minimum number of receptacle outlets. Sliding panels, also in exterior walls, are treated like doorways. Therefore, the space in front of sliding panels is not counted as wall space.

What is the maximum weight of a luminaire that can be supported by the screw shell of a lamp holder?

6 lb

A luminaire that weighs more than 3 kg (6 lb) or exceeds 400 mm (16 in.) in any dimension shall not be supported by the screw shell of a lampholder.

How many lighting outlets are permitted on one branch?

Although there’s no limit on the number of lighting and/or receptacle outlets on dwelling general-purpose branch circuits, the NEC does require a minimum number of circuits to be installed for general-purpose receptacles and lighting outlets [210.11(A)].

Is a receptacle outlet required in the above hallway?

In dwelling units, hallways measuring 10 feet (3 m) or more in length must have at least one receptacle outlet. A receptacle is not required if the hallway’s length is less than 10 feet. For example, a hallway in a dwelling unit measures 9 feet 11 inches.

What is the NEC code for light switches?

At least one wall-switch-controlled lighting outlet must be installed in every habitable room (and bathroom) of a dwelling [210.70(A)(1)]. This provision requires at least one lighting outlet in every habitable room and at least one wall switch to control it.