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What is a FreeJack lighting system?

Freejack fixtures make interior lighting a simple matter, allowing for easy installation and effortless updates. Freejack pendants can go on monorail or hang independently from ceilings.

What is Monopoint lighting?

A monopoint or multipoint canopy is a finished component that attaches to the ceiling and a power source. Monopoint canopies will have a single powered female support jack while multipoint canopies will have several attachment points designed to accept the male counterpart from compatible low voltage fixtures.

What is a monorail track light?

Monorail is one of the most flexible options, a versatile and dynamic ceiling-mounted lighting solution that accommodates both adjustable track heads and decorative pendants. Hand-bendable, the rail can be shaped in a variety of linear or curvilinear configurations for functional flexibility and stylish appeal.

What is a Monopoint switch?

Description. The monopoint connector allows you to mount a single track head without installing track. Just mount the mono point to your existing octagonal shaped electrical ceiling outlet box. you can then twist in one of our track head, integrated LED track head and/or an extension arm.

What is the difference between track lighting and monorail lighting?

At the most basic level, track is a line-voltage, 120-volt system; monorail is usually a low-voltage, 12-volt system. Functionally, this means that track lighting is essentially an extension of your home’s electrical circuit. Monorail lighting is its own low-voltage system dictated by the transformer used.

What are the different types of track lighting?

There are three standard types of tracks used in North America: H type, J type, and L type. The standards between the three types were developed by three different manufacturing companies, Halo, Juno, and Lightolier, which they are named for.

Are all track lights the same?

Not all lights are compatible with the different tracks. The three standard systems that exist are Halo, Juno, and Lightolier. They are compatible with a variety of fixtures. It’s best to stay away from proprietary systems or you’ll be restricted to the fixtures of the same brand of your track system.

How many track lights do I need?

Are track lights bright enough for living room ?

FOYER SIZE LIGHT REQUIREMENT number of 15 watt track lights required
8 feet × 4 feet 2160 lumens 2
8 feet × 8 feet 2880 lumens 3
8 feet × 10 feet 3600 lumens 3
8 feet × 15 feet 5400 lumens 5

Can you replace track lighting with pendants?

By replacing your standard track lights with hanging pendants, you can bring new life to a basic track and totally transform the look of your kitchen. Here’s a designer tip to get you started on this easy kitchen update: pendant track lights look best hung in odd numbers, typically as a grouping of three.

How many LED lights can be on one circuit?

Assuming a 60 watt light, you can put up to 24 lights on a 15 amp breaker. If you are using low-wattage LED bulbs, an LED bulb using 10 watts, you can install up to 150 bulbs on a single circuit.

Does track lighting need a junction box?

A plug-in track light requires no electrical wiring, but must be located near an outlet. Hardwired track lights require electrical connections be made at a junction box (an electrical box in the ceiling or wall) during installation.

How do you connect power to track lighting?

Once you expose the inside of the light fixture, you will see several wires in the electrical box. The end power adapter that comes with your track will have wires that are the same colors. Marry the same-colored wires together, using wire nuts to make the connection. Then, put the wires back into the electrical box.

How do you wire up track lighting?

With the power shut off I can remove your old fixture. And expose the electrical. Box. I'm going to install this floating feet which will supply power to the whole track. System.