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What happens if water gets in vents?

Any moisture left in air vents can cause mold to grow which harvests bacteria that can be harmful to your health. You need to act fast as the mold or mildew can develop within 24-48 hours. It is sped up if they are heating vents as mildew thrives in warm and humid conditions.

How do you get water out of a vent?

How to Get Water Out of an Air Duct

  1. Turn off your humidifiers. …
  2. Find gaps in your air ducts and seal them with a plastic tarp and tape. …
  3. Put a dehumidifier in your attic or any room with high humidity.
  4. Call All Dry USA and schedule an inspection of your air ducts.

How do you dry out air vents?

2) Use a dehumidifier. Once you determine these systems are working well, run a dehumidifier in the area where your air ducts are collecting water. This will reduce moisture in the air and prevent condensation in ductwork. 3) Seal off unused A/C ducts.

Why is there standing water in my air vents?

The main causes of condensation on your AC vents include temperature differences between outside air and your vent, your AC ducts being improperly sealed, lack of insulation around your ducts, dirty air filters, or even too much air moisture.