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What do you put under potted plants?

What Are Plant Saucers? Plant saucers are dishes that you place under your plant pot to catch any of the excess water that has drained through. They are usually shallow and tend to be ceramic. Sometimes they come matching with the pots that you have purchased, but most of the time they need to be bought separately.

What can I use as a plant saucer?

Plastic refrigerator storage containers that have lost their lids make a cheap alternative to plant saucers. Some premade pie crusts or purchased pies have sturdy pie plates that make good drip trays for single containers.

What do you put under potted plants on a deck?

For those not looking to completely alter their container garden’s aesthetic, adding pot feet or planter risers beneath your potted plants is an easy, inexpensive, and low-profile option. Pot feet and risers work much like the legs of a chair, raising the pot off of the ground.

Do potted plants need saucers?

Whilst they aren’t necessary, plant pots use saucers to collect the water that drains from your pot. Without this, it can easily spill onto your carpets, floors and furniture. So after each watering, your saucer will capture the excess water, preventing any spillage in your home.

How do I protect my floor from potted plants?

How to Protect Your Hardwood Floors from House Plants

  1. Avoid dragging or sliding pots across the floors. …
  2. Set your green friends into plant trays, saucers or coasters. …
  3. Be aware of scale insects. …
  4. Use rugs or mats. …
  5. Hydrate with care.

How do you elevate pots?

Quick Ways to Elevate your Pots

  1. Trivet under Glazed Pot.
  2. Patio Table with Opening Screen Pattern.
  3. Pot Feet.
  4. Coasters.
  5. Drain excess water.
  6. Flip the Unplanted Pot Over.
  7. Find a Plant Tray.
  8. Plant Dollys, Trays, and Wheels.

Should pots be off the ground?

Elevate containers off the ground.

Don’t place a container directly in contact with any surface that might block water flow out of drainage holes. You can use any number of ways to elevate containers, but pot feet are the easiest and most effective.

Should you put pots on decking?

Plant pots that are placed directly onto the deck surface will trap moisture underneath, increasing the exposure risk and creating potential problems. That is unless your deck boards are made from Use Class 4 pressure treated softwood timber or a durable hardwood.

What to put under plants to protect wood floors?

Plant caddies protect your floors, make it easy to move pots around. Here are five good ones

  • THE STANDBY: Clear plastic saucer on wheels. …
  • THE STONE LOOK: The Terra Stone Caddy from Plastec, resembles slate but is made recycled materials gathered in fundraising events. …
  • REAL WOOD: Made of hardwood. …

What does a cork mat do for plants?

Natural cork mat for plants are a great indoor solution underneath potted planters that do not have drainage. They help contain excess moisture from plants when they are watered.

Can I put a potted plant on carpet?

I really don’t suggest having pot plants on carpet. Even glazed pots can let some moisture vapour through, damaging your carpet. You will also always run the risk of over-watering the potted plants. This could result in water seeping under the pot where it could cause mould growth.

How do I stop my house plants from leaking water?

You can use non-draining pots, drip trays or you can water your indoor plants in a sink to avoid any mess. You could also use a controlled watering method such as a self-watering pot, watering spike or watering with ice cubes.