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What carpet underlay is best?

What is the best type of carpet underlay?

The best type of underlay for carpet is PU foam. It is the best option due its many advantages over alternative types of underlay such as its strong heat insulation abilities and the soft underfoot it provides. However, sponge rubber is another solid option.

What is the best thickness of underlay for carpet?

Most carpets call for 7/16-inch padding. Choose stiff, stable padding with a thickness of 3/8-inch or less for a low-pile carpet.

Is 10mm carpet underlay good?


But if you’re looking for something a little softer and more sumptuous, be sure to opt for a thicker product. 10mm works well for stairways and extra thick carpets. However, in most cases, we recommend a 12mm underlay – as this tends to have the best properties overall.

What is the best thickness of underlay?

Popular manufacturers make underlay of around 11mm-12mm and this is ideal. However, thick underlay on the stairs can make it challenging to fit the underlay, so you must compromise on the comfort slightly. A 9mm underlay would be far easier to fit on the stairs rather than something as much as 12mm.

Is rubber underlay better than foam?

Unsurprisingly, rubber underlay is made of rubber. While there are a couple of different types, the most common by far is sponge rubber. This is a type of rubber designed to have a sponge-like substance, so it has all the advantages of both (the durability of rubber and the flexibility of sponge).

Is 12mm underlay too thick?

So generally speaking 7mm is about as thin as you want to go unless you have a specialist need for something thinner, but 8-12mm is the band most manufacturers produce carpet underlay with and its perfect for any room and any carpet.

Is 7mm carpet underlay any good?

Cloud 9 underlays are renowned for being up to three times lighter than conventional underlay. This particular range, Nimbus, is 7mm thick, providing lots of luxury and underfoot comfort.

Grade A genuine products only.

Density: 101kg/m3
Roll Size: 15.07m2
Comfort Rating: 4 Star
Tog Rating: 1.9 Tog
Guarantee: Lifetime

Does carpet underlay make a difference?

Carpet underlay is an excellent insulation tool for your home. Because it is an extra layer between your carpet and the subfloor it acts as a new insulative layer. This then leads to a reduction in heat loss which in turn will mean you can save money on your heating and energy bills.

Does thickness of underlay matter?

The main purpose of carpet underlay is to enhance underfoot comfort and improve insulation. Therefore, as a general rule of thumb – the thicker it is, the better.

Is wool underlay any good?

The underlay acts as a barrier by reducing the flow of air, thereby reducing the dust particles carried by the air. Wool 42oz provides excellent comfort and durability along with excellent heat and sound insulation properties.

Can you use 2 layers of underlay under carpet?

You may think that adding more layers of underlay to your flooring will protect your carpet, but in reality, they might not be. Having 2 layers of underlay can harm your carpet’s lifespan as it will bend from being raised and trodden from traffic if there is too much cushion.

What underlay do I need?

A good quality underlay will provide thermal insulation, reduce noise and make your new flooring feel softer underfoot.

Type of floor covering Recommended underlay TOG rating
Laminate Flooring 1.0 tog
Carpets over 2.5 tog
Underfloor Heating 0.35 tog or below

Is higher density underlay better?

And just like the thickness of an underlay, it’s an indicator of the underlay’s quality. Generally speaking, the higher the density, the better quality and more supportive the underlay is likely to be.

Is there different types of underlay?

Different underlay types will be required for different flooring and different rooms, so each will require a unique solution – such as underlay for stairs, as a hard wearing underlay is required.

How often should underlay be changed?

How long do carpet underlays last? When buying carpet underlay, customers are often told that it will last up to 25 years – with crumb rubber being one of the most durable types available. It’s important to note that underlay in a room that receives a lot of foot traffic daily won’t last as long.

Can you put new underlay under old carpet?

Placing an area rug on the existing carpeting is also perfectly acceptable. Apply a thin underlayment. Laying down a thin plywood underlayment atop the old low-pile carpet is better than just putting the new carpet straight onto the existing carpeting.

Can you put new carpet on old underlay?

This is a question we get asked quite a lot, here at Carpet Underlay Shop, and our answer is very simple. Yes – you should invest in new carpet underlay almost every time you lay a new carpet. The only exception is if the current underlay is less than 12 months old or in excellent condition.

Can I use old carpet as underlay?

Even if the installation succeeds, carpet isn’t a good underlayer. However, you also risk the structural integrity of your carpet by trying this. Carpets require firm bases for successful installations and long term durability.

What happens when you put carpet on top of carpet?

Meaning, doors must be able to open easily, vents cannot be blocked, and the height of the layered carpet cannot cause a tripping hazard. We recommend not laying new carpet over high-pile, plush, shag, soft, or unevenly worn carpet to avoid these hazards. The best type of carpet to do this with is low-pile carpeting.

How important is underlay for carpet?

Why is underlay important? Underlay isn’t just crucial for comfort underfoot, but it also drastically helps maintain your carpet as well as providing extra protection against moisture. It is also a great shock absorber, meaning it’s ideal for reducing noise from things like footsteps, voices or moving furniture.

Is carpet and laminate underlay the same?

Carpet underlay is usually much thicker than laminate underlay. It’s usually around 10mm thick, whereas laminate underlay is usually around 3mm thick. If you install laminate on top of a carpet underlay, the floor will be too bouncy and spongy, which can damage the locking system and provide an uncomfortable feel.

Is 5mm underlay good?

Warmth and thickness – 5mm is the thickest you can go for laminate which means this product will provide the ultimate cushioning and warmth. Noise reduction – the rating of 22db allows this product to greatly reduce the sound of impact noise in your home.

Can I use old carpet as underlay for laminate flooring?

No, carpet underlay is not a suitable underlay for laminate flooring. The carpet underlay is too thick and will be too bouncy underfoot. Carpet underlay will also reduce the lifespan of your laminate flooring by 30-40%.