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What are the top 5 greenhouse gases?

The Principal Greenhouse Gases and Their Sources

  • Water Vapor.
  • Carbon Dioxide (CO2)
  • Methane (CH4)
  • Nitrous oxide (N2O)
  • Fluorinated Gases (HFCs, PFCs, SF6)
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What are the 5 main greenhouse gases?

The main gases responsible for the greenhouse effect include carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide, and water vapor (which all occur naturally), and fluorinated gases (which are synthetic). Greenhouse gases have different chemical properties and are removed from the atmosphere, over time, by different processes.

What are the 6 major greenhouse gasses?

What are the types of greenhouse gases?

  • Carbon dioxide (CO2)
  • Methane (CH4)
  • Nitrous oxide (N2O)
  • Industrial gases: Hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs) Perfluorocarbons (PFCs) Sulfur hexafluoride (SF6) Nitrogen trifluoride (NF3)

What are the top 5 greenhouse gasses and where each comes from?

Main Greenhouse Gases

Greenhouse gas Major sources
Carbon Dioxide Fossil fuel combustion; Deforestation; Cement production
Methane Fossil fuel production; Agriculture; Landfills
Nitrous Oxide Fertilizer application; Fossil fuel and biomass combustion; Industrial processes
Chlorofluorocarbon-12 (CFC-12) Refrigerants

Who are the top 5 greenhouse gas emitters?

In this case, the five major emitters—the United States, European Union, China, Russian Federation, and Japan— together contributed two-thirds of the world’s historic CO2 emissions – using up around 37 percent of our global carbon budget.

What are the 4 major greenhouse gases?

Overview of Greenhouse Gases

  • Overview.
  • Carbon Dioxide.
  • Methane.
  • Nitrous Oxide.
  • Fluorinated Gases.

What is the #1 greenhouse gas?

Of the greenhouse gases, carbon dioxide (CO2) is the most prominent. Sources of atmospheric CO2 include volcanoes, the combustion and decay of organic matter, respiration by aerobic (oxygen-using) organisms, and the burning of fossil fuels, clearing of land, and production of cement by humans.

What are the three main greenhouse gases?

Carbon dioxide (CO2) makes up the vast majority of greenhouse gas emissions from the sector, but smaller amounts of methane (CH4) and nitrous oxide (N2O) are also emitted. These gases are released during the combustion of fossil fuels, such as coal, oil, and natural gas, to produce electricity.

What are greenhouse gases 8?

The greenhouse gases are carbon dioxide, methane and water vapour. These gases are found in the atmosphere. The Earth releases the radiation obtained from the sun back into the atmosphere after absorbing some of it.

How many greenhouse gases are there?

There are ten primary GHGs; of these, water vapor (H2O), carbon dioxide (CO2), methane (CH4), and nitrous oxide (N2O) are naturally occurring. Perfluorocarbons (CF6, C2F6), hydroflurocarbons (CHF3, CF3CH2F, CH3CHF2), and sulfur hexafluoride (SF6) are only present in the atmosphere due to industrial processes.

What are the top 10 contributors to global warming?

Here are 10 causes of global warming that are contributing to the climate crisis.

  1. Oil and Gas. Oil and Gas is used all the time in almost every industry.
  2. Deforestation. …
  3. Waste. …
  4. Power Plants. …
  5. Oil Drilling. …
  6. Transport and Vehicles. …
  7. Consumerism. …
  8. Farming. …

Who are the world’s top 10 greenhouse gas emitters?

Emissions by Country

  • China (9,300 Mt)
  • The United States (4,800 Mt)
  • India (2,200 Mt)
  • Russia (1,500 Mt)
  • Japan (1,100 Mt)
  • Germany (718.8 Mt)
  • Korea (600 Mt)
  • Iran (567.1 Mt)

Who are the top polluters in the world?

Top 10 polluters

  • China, with more than 10,065 million tons of CO2 released.
  • United States, with 5,416 million tons of CO2.
  • India, with 2,654 million tons of CO2.
  • Russia, with 1,711 million tons of CO2.
  • Japan, 1,162 million tons of CO2.
  • Germany, 759 million tons of CO2.
  • Iran, 720 million tons of CO2.

What is the biggest contributor to climate change?

Among the various long-lived greenhouse gases (GHGs) emitted by human activities, CO2 is so far the largest contributor to climate change, and, if anything, its relative role is expected to increase in the future.

What is the biggest producer of greenhouse gases?

China is the world’s largest contributor to CO2 emissions—a trend that has steadily risen over the years. The country now produces 9.9 billion metric tons of CO2.

Who is the biggest polluter of the Earth environment?


China was the biggest emitter of fossil fuel carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions in 2020, accounting for 30.64 percent of global emissions. The world’s top five largest polluters were responsible for roughly 60 percent of global CO2 emissions in 2020.

Which country pollutes the ocean the most?

These 10 countries are the biggest contributors to marine plastic pollution – new analysis

  • China (21.5 billion kg)
  • Brazil (10.6 billion kg)
  • Indonesia (9.1 billion kg)
  • Russian Federation (8.4 billion kg)
  • Germany (6.6 billion kg)
  • United Kingdom (6.4 billion kg)
  • Mexico (5.9 billion kg)
  • Japan (4.8 billion kg)

Which is the most polluted country in the world 2020?

The top ten list of the world’s most polluted countries as of 2020 is:

  • Bangladesh – 77.1 µg/m³
  • Pakistan – 59.0 µg/m³
  • India – 51.9 µg/m³
  • Mongolia – 46.6 µg/m³
  • Afghanistan – 46.5 µg/m³
  • Oman – 44.4 µg/m³
  • Qatar – 44.3 µg/m³
  • Kyrgyzstan – 43.5 µg/m³

Which country has the least air pollution?

1. Sweden. The least polluted country is Sweden with overall score of 2.8/10. The amount of carbon dioxide is 3.83 tonnes per capita per year, and the concentrations of PM2.

Which is cleanest country in the world?

  1. Denmark. With a total EPI score of 82.5, Denmark is 2020’s cleanest and most environmentally friendly country. …
  2. Luxembourg. Luxembourg has made significant progress in reducing the negative impacts on its environment despite its rapid population and GDP growth. …
  3. Switzerland. …
  4. United Kingdom. …
  5. France. …
  6. Austria. …
  7. Finland. …
  8. Sweden.
  9. What is the most polluted city in the US?

    Most Polluted Cities | State of the Air

    Los Angeles-Long Beach, CA los-angeles-long-beach-ca.html 1
    Bakersfield, CA bakersfield-ca.html 2
    Visalia, CA visalia-ca.html 3
    Fresno-Madera-Hanford, CA fresno-madera-hanford-ca.html 4
    Phoenix-Mesa, AZ phoenix-mesa-az.html 5

    What is the dirtiest country in the world 2022?

    Here are the 10 countries with the most pollution:

    • Bangladesh (83.3)
    • Pakistan (65.81)
    • Mongolia (62)
    • Afghanistan (58.8)
    • India (58.08)
    • Indonesia (51.71)
    • Bahrain (46.8)
    • Nepal (44.46)

    What is the cleanest city in the world?

    The cleanest city in the world is London in the United Kingdom. London has an overall clean city score of 74.94 and an Environmental Performance Index score of 79.89. This is followed by Paris and New York City.
    Cleanest Cities in the World.

    City Auckland
    PM2.5 (µg/m³) 6
    Clean City Score 71.97
    Env. Perf. Score 75.96
    Mercer Score 3

    Which country is best in the world?