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What are the best petunias for hanging baskets?

Petunia ‘Rose Vein Velvet’ ‘Rose Vein Velvet’ is said to be one of the best petunias to grow from seed. The pink, veined blooms are produced in their masses on trailing stems, up to 1m long. A great cultivar for hanging baskets and window boxes.

What petunias are good for hanging baskets?

Wave petunias are beautiful, showy plants. With their vigorous growth and abundant blooms, it’s no wonder they are so popular in the gardening world. These annuals are especially popular in hanging baskets.

What is the difference between Wave petunias and trailing petunias?

Wave petunias have a unique trailing growth habit and are highly prolific in their blooming. They drape over the sides of containers and raised beds and are great summer performers. A regular petunia has an upright or bush growth habit. It may spread slightly, but will not drape down as dramatically as a Wave petunia.

How many petunias should I put in a hanging basket?

There is a delicate balance to strike: while you want a lovely display, it’s important to avoid overcrowding your plants. With limited space for roots and resources, a good rule of thumb is to use one plant per inch of basket diameter – so 12 plants would fit in a 12-inch basket.

Do petunias do well in hanging baskets?

Petunias are perfect for locations exposed to full sunlight. Look for cascading petunias, which include any variety that produces flowers on long, flowing stems. Planting petunias in hanging baskets is a cinch, as long as you use a sturdy container with at least one drainage hole.

What is the best flowers for hanging baskets?

10 trailing plants for hanging baskets

  • Calibrachoa (million bells)
  • Lobelia.
  • Bacopa.
  • Fuchsia.
  • Begonia.
  • Verbena.
  • Petunia.
  • Tomatoes.

What are Grandiflora petunias?

Grandiflora Petunia

Grandifloras are one of the oldest varieties. These petunias grow 8 to 12 inches high and have the large (4 to 5 inch), wavy-edged blossoms that petunias first became known for. The flowers can be single or the more ruffled doubles.

Is supertunia a wave petunia?

Supertunias, on the other hand, can be thought of as an “elite” version of Wave petunias. Supertunias were bred to bloom profusely, self-deadhead, and will spread similar to a wave petunia.

How big do Supertunias get?

Period. Supertunia Vista petunias are very vigorous, with mounding habits that can reach up to 2 feet in height in the landscape and will trail over the edges of baskets and containers up to 4 feet by the end of the season.

What is a super Cascade petunia?

Description. Supercascade White with its large 4 3/4″ blossoms was bred for hanging baskets but the floriferous 15″ plants work great in borders too. GARDEN HINTS: Pinch off faded flowers and seed pods to encourage more blooms. The Supercascades are a vast improvement on the original Cascade type.

How do you keep petunia hanging baskets looking good?

Hanging petunia plants will most likely need to be watered daily during the summer, and maybe even twice, when the weather is extremely hot and/or there is a strong wind. Water well enough that the excess water will drip out of the drain hole. Never allow the soil to remain continually wet.

How do I make my petunias Fuller?

Water weekly, use a water-soluble fertilizer once monthly and deadhead your petunias every week or every other week to prevent petunias from becoming leggy and encourage bushier, fuller growth of your petunias with far more vibrancy in color.

How long do petunias last in hanging baskets?

To tackle the first part of the question, petunias can live for 2 or 3 years but generally behave as annuals because they can’t survive the freezing temperatures of the winter.

Do petunias like sun or shade?

full sun

Petunias need at least 5 or 6 hours of good sunlight; they’ll perform even better when located in full sun all day. The more shade they receive, the fewer flowers they’ll produce.

Do I need to deadhead petunias?

Is it necessary to deadhead petunias? Yes, it is necessary to deadhead most types of petunias. No-one likes looking out onto a garden of dead blooms, so knowing how to deadhead petunias and remove them is an easy way to keep your garden looking verdant and beautiful.

What are tiny petunias called?

How to Grow & Care for Calibrachoa (Million Bells)

Common Name Calibrachoa, million bells, trailing petunia, mini petunia
Botanical Name Calibrachoa group
Family Solanaceae
Plant Type Herbaceous perennial flower often grown as an annual
Mature Size 6–12 in. tall, 12–24 in. wide

Do petunias self seed?

As tender annuals, petunias needs lots of sunshine and adequate moisture, and under the right conditions, they continue blooming all summer long and into the fall. If left to their own devices, they may reseed themselves, but the flowers will be a different color from those of the parent plants.