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Is havertys furniture made in China?

Havertys has been importing furniture from China, but also turns to Vietnam, Malaysia, the Philippines and Mexico for product, Fink said.

Where is havertys furniture manufactured?

Where is Havertys Furniture Made? Havertys takes pride in offering American-made products to consumers. Made in North Carolina, the company’s collections include exclusive, handcrafted items. Shoppers can find locally-made, customizable options for every room thanks to the retailer’s first-rate manufacturing standards.

Is havertys a manufacturer?

Founded in 1885, Havertys is an established furniture retailer located in 16 states throughout the southern and central US.

What states havertys?

Search Havertys Furniture by states:

  • Alabama.
  • Florida.
  • Georgia.
  • Louisiana.
  • Maryland.
  • Ohio.

How long has havertys furniture been in business?

From humble, horse-and-buggy beginnings in 1885 Atlanta, we’ve grown to serve families in more than 120 stores across 16 states.

Who makes havertys brand furniture?

Fitzgerald+CO merged in 2005 with Austin Kelley Advertising Inc., which ranked 12th in 2005, in November. Havertys’ business represents the fifth-largest account for Fitzgerald+CO, said Dave Fitzgerald, president and CEO. Fitzgerald+CO, a member of the Interpublic Group of Companies Inc., also counts AFLAC Inc.

What is havertys best sale?


  • Tier 1 Savings. $750-$1499. $100.
  • Tier 2 Savings. $1500-$2499. $200.
  • Tier 3 Savings. $2500-$3999. $350.
  • Tier 4 Savings. $4000-$7499. $600.
  • Top-Tier Savings. $7500 & UP. $1000.

Who is the owner of Haverty Furniture?

He may be 65, but John Slater, CEO of Haverty Furniture Cos. (NYSE: HVT), isn’t ready to retire just yet.

Is havertys a chain?

(“Havertys”) is an American retail furniture company founded in 1885. Beginning with a single store in downtown Atlanta, Havertys has grown to become one of the top furniture retailers in the south and central United States.

Is Cindy Crawford furniture solid wood?

The Cindy Crawford sofa features a frame made from high quality hardwoods that have been kiln dried for strength and durability. They are then laminated with 7 ply hardwood and corners blocked, glued and stapled.

When was havertys founded?

It’s astonishing to think of all that’s changed since 1885, when J.J. Haverty founded Haverty Furniture Company in downtown Atlanta. Through the early years, as we spread to Missouri, Tennessee, Arkansas and beyond, sales collectors were making their rounds by horse and buggy.