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How much is a wood burning fireplace insert?

Fireplace insert installation costs $700–$6,500. Inserts are a great way to produce more heat and reuse a pre-existing fireplace. Fireplace inserts come in four different types: wood-burning, gas, electric, and pellet.


Minimum Cost National Average Cost Maximum Cost
$700 $3,600 $6,500

Jan 20, 2022

Is a wood burning insert worth it?

Studies have shown that as much as 95 percent of the residual heat in a traditional wood fireplace is expelled outside. A wood-burning fireplace insert offers a slower, more efficient burn rate providing up to five hours of uninterrupted heat. It consumes less fuel and has heating efficiencies of 80+ percent!

Do you need an insert for a wood burning fireplace?

Should I Install a Fireplace Insert? Installing a fireplace insert is ideal when you have an existing fireplace of some sort. It is a less expensive option when compared to renovation or replacement. Inserts replace the inefficient wood-burning system of an open masonry fireplace and vent through an existing chimney.

Can you put a fireplace insert in an existing fireplace?

Professionals can install a fireplace insert into your existing fireplace with a masonry chimney. This not only enhances the beauty and performance of your fireplace but also allowing you to enjoy the warmth of a clean, safe fireplace from within your home.

Can I install a fireplace insert myself?

So, yes, you can install your dream fireplace or wood-burning stove yourself, provided you have the expertise. However, it’s highly recommended that you hire a contractor with experience specific to fireplace installations.

Whats the difference between wood-burning fireplace and an insert?

Inserts are much smaller than fireplaces again because they are designed to fit into the opening, they will have much smaller glass fronts for the same reason. Inserts are designed to replace the inefficient wood fireplaces with new, cleaner burning appliances inside of them.

Do fireplace inserts require a chimney?

Do Electric Inserts Need a Chimney? Unlike wood-burning and direct vent systems, electric fireplaces do not need a chimney to vent combustible byproducts. However, they do have other unique needs that wood and gas burning inserts may not require.

Do fireplace inserts increase home value?

According to the National Association of Real Estate Appraisers, adding a fireplace to home can increase the resale value of the home by as much as 6-12 percent.

How long does it take to install a wood fireplace insert?

Installing a fireplace can be completed as quickly as one day or as long a one week. Our technicians do their best to complete jobs as soon as possible, without sacrificing the safety or quality of the workmanship.

How do you install a wood fireplace insert?

The inner portion is made out of stainless steel that's going to carry the flue products this will attach right onto the top of our insert. There's also an aluminum sheathing that's the outer pipe.

Can you install a wood burning stove in an existing fireplace?

A wood burning stove can be installed in an existing fireplace, subject to there being a sufficient amount of space available in the fireplace to hold a stove, and there being a proper chimney.

What is a zero clearance fireplace insert?

Zero clearance means the fireplace has its own insulation and it needs zero inches of clearance (distance) from combustible materials in the home. Basically a zero clearance fireplace is a self-contained firebox that is designed to be installed almost anywhere in your home.

Can you put a wood burner in an open fireplace?

You can only fit a wood burner in your fireplace if it has a class 1 chimney. If you had an open solid fuel fire previously, this should be the case anyway! If you are replacing a gas fire, check to make sure it isn’t a class 2 or pre-cast flue, as these won’t be suitable for a stove.

Are wood burners worse than open fires?

A wood burning stove is likely to be better than 65% efficient, while an open fire is 30% efficient at best. Typically (but not always) stoves are made of heavy-duty steel, so offer radiant heat, acting as a radiator, as well.

Do you need permission to install a wood burning stove?

In the UK, you don’t need any prior planning permission to install a wood burner, if the work is carried out by a HETAS installer. In this case, your installer is qualified to certify the works themselves, and will issue a certificate of compliance as proof.

Are wood burners healthier than open fires?

Wood burning stoves are less smoky than an ordinary open fire and produce less ash and mess. Wood burners are safer because the fire is enclosed so you don’t get the danger of stray sparks or hot coals on the carpet.

Will a log burner heat the whole house?

With the right information and approach, a wood burning stove can be used to heat not just the room it sits within, but an entire home. Each fine detail, from the way you stack the logs to the placement of your stove, can change the efficiency with which your fire burns.

Is wood smoke worse than cigarette smoke?

Wood smoke vs. cigarette smoke: EPA estimates suggest that a single fireplace operating for an hour and burning 10 pounds of wood generates 4,300 times more carcinogenic polyaromatic hydrocarbons than 30 cigarettes.

What is the future of wood burning stoves?

The main answer is increased efficiency. The future of wood burning stoves will therefore be affected by which configurations and styles produce the least amount of airborne particulate matter. In other words, these stoves will need to adopt a more ecologically friendly design.

Can I install a wood burner in my house?

If you live in a house without a chimney, you may be wondering whether it is possible to fit a wood burning stove. Fortunately for many, the answer is – yes! While gas stoves and electric stoves are also an option, for some, it is only the ritual of burning a solid fuel that will do.

Do you need a safety certificate for a log burner?

YES: Simply ask for a copy of the certificate of compliance. This usually has a small cost involved. This will confirm the installation is compliant. If you are still uncomfortable, you can contact a local HETAS installer to inspect the works and advise you.

What do I need for a wood burning fireplace?

You’ll need extra-long wooden safety strike matches, dry wood or twigs for kindling, sheets of newspaper for tinder, seasoned firewood, an iron fireplace grate and a poker. Before building the fire, check that your fireplace damper, which is the vent, is fully open.

How long can you burn wood in a fireplace?

As a general rule, wood logs burn for about 4-8 hours. This value is conditional upon the kind of wood, the amount, and the airflow in the surroundings.

Does a fireplace heat your house?

Absolutely! And many houses already have a fireplace. It’s just a matter of using it to bring some much-desired warmth into your home. That said, unlike central air, no fireplace is going to be able to properly heat your entire home at once.