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How much is a BJ’s pizookie?

How much is a BJ card?

Our standard rates are $110 for a 1-Year BJ’s Perks Rewards® Membership, which earns 2% cash back on most BJ’s purchases,** and $55 for a 1-Year BJ’s Inner Circle® Membership. All BJ’s Memberships include a Second Membership Card for a household member.

How do I find a BJ?

How do I find a BJ’s near me? Go to www.bjs.com/ClubLocator. Here you will have two ways to find a Club: Select a State from the pulldown list and then Select a Town from the box below it (Note: Only towns with BJ’s Clubs will appear in this list).

Do you need a BJ card to shop there?

A BJ’s Membership is required to shop at BJs.com or in our Clubs. BJ’s Online Access℠ Membership does not provide Club shopping privileges. BJ’s reserves the right to require that Membership Cards be shown upon entry into any Club.

What does BJ stand for in BJs?

Beverly Jean

“BJ” stands for Beverly Jean, the daughter of the first president of the company.

How does a BJ card work?

With a BJ’s Membership, you save up to 25% off grocery store prices* and find incredible value on a variety of items from BJ’s exclusive brands and the national brands you already know and love. Visit a local club to see for yourself why a BJ’s Membership is The Membership that pays you back™.

Is a BJs membership free?

Visit BJs.com to register for your free 90-day trial membership. You don’t even need to visit a store to get started; just set up an online account with your contact information and you’re in!

Does BJ’s check ID?

Next time they visit a BJ’s Club they can ask anyone behind the Service Desk to print out their new BJ’s card (Note: requires photo ID and proof of address). *Business Memberships, Online Access Only Memberships, One-Day Trial Memberships, Military and Student Memberships are excluded.

Can I use someone else’s BJ’s card?

Business and BJ’s Rewards® Business Memberships do not have Household Members but are allowed one Supplemental Member at no additional charge. Household members will have their own membership card to use to make purchases in-Club.

Is BJ’s in Canada?

BJ’s Wholesale Club has your Canada Dry in original, diet, and bold ginger ales. With a BJ’s Membership, you can shop online and save money on your grocery, household, electronics, and furniture purchases. Sign up to become a member today and explore the many bargains and bonuses BJ’s Wholesale Club makes available.

Does Walmart own BJS?

In 2011, BJ’s was acquired by two private equity firms, Leonard Green & Partners and CVC Capital Partners. It returned to being a public company in 2018.

Is Costco or BJ’s better?

Costco is better for bulk buying, but BJ’s is more realistic for the typical family. There are a lot of similarities between the two stores — both warehouses have tire centers, bulk-buy items, gas stations, fresh-baked goods, and cheap rotisserie chicken.

Is BJ’s cheaper than Sam’s Club?

Sam’s Club costs $45 for an annual membership, and BJ’s costs $55. A premium membership at either store costs $100 or $110 a year, respectively.

Is BJ’s cheaper than Walmart?

BJ’s produce prices also are more expensive, on average, than Walmart’s prices. You can find a complete price comparison list for each store at SavvyShopperToday.com. Shopping at a warehouse club comes with a price that must be factored into the savings calculations.

Does shopping at BJ’s save money?

Myth: Shopping at a warehouse club will save you money. Facts: Not exactly. When you grab your jumbo cart and head into your local warehouse club, where the retailer tells you shopping in bulk will save you big bucks, you can’t help but get excited by the price of pork chops.

How much is a Costco card for one person?


$60.00 Annual membership fee* Includes a free Household Card. Add Affiliate Cardholders for $60 each* Valid at all Costco locations worldwide.

How can I get a free Costco membership?

19 Ways to Get a Costco Membership for Free

  1. Use a Costco Shop Card.
  2. Shop with a Costco Member.
  3. Place an Instacart Order.
  4. Shop Online at Costco.com.
  5. Buy Alcohol.
  6. Buy Prescriptions and/or Immunizations. Find a Costco Membership Discount.
  7. Get a Costco Shop Card When You Sign Up.
  8. Check Online Deal Websites.

Is Costco worth the $60 membership?

A membership may not be worth your money if you shop at Costco.com infrequently enough that the 5% fee adds up to less than the yearly cost of a membership. But if you spend more than $1,200 on Costco.com without being a member, you’ll lose money—that’s when it’s time to shell out the $60.

Is it worth it to have a Costco card?

The answer is simple, to reduce costs and pass those savings along to customers. By negotiating an exclusive deal with Visa, Visa charges Costco a lower fee, around . 5% per transaction, compared to the standard fee around 2-3%. Since they are paying lower fees, Costco can keep their margins and prices low.

Who is cheaper Sams or Costco?

Does Costco or Sam’s Club Have Better Prices? Overall, the prices at Costco tend to be cheaper. However, Sam’s Club has a greater selection of name-brand products and a cheaper membership fee.

Is Costco more expensive than Walmart?

Gina Zakaria for Money.com did a price comparison between the two giant retailers and found that, on the whole, Costco prices were cheaper than Walmart’s.

Is Costco cheaper than grocery stores?

Costco prices average 10% less than the local big-box retailer,” she adds.

How much do you have to spend at Costco to make it worth it?

As you can see from the chart, spending $250 a month is the break-even point for whether an Executive Membership is worth it. Look back at your Costco expenses from the past year.

Is milk cheaper at Costco?

Costco sells gallon jugs of milk in two-packs and the price can seem like quite a good deal at $4.99 for 2 gallons of milk. In fact, according to Saving Advice, this is a significant 79 cent per gallon savings over the average cost of milk, which is around $3.28 per gallon.

Is it cheaper to buy meat at Costco?

Are Costco Meat Prices Competitive? Costco tends to run on the more expensive side. This is especially true when compared to supermarket specials and coupons that often undercut Costco pricing significantly. But when comparing the Costco price to your local butcher shop, Costco will usually win.

What is the #1 selling item at Costco?

toilet paper

It’s actually something that you constantly need to buy but probably hate spending money on. That’s right, Costco’s best-selling item is toilet paper. They sell more than a billion rolls every year. The high quality and warehouse price of Costco’s Kirkland brand toilet paper make it fly off the shelves every day.

What is wrong with Costco chicken?

“Costco’s rotisserie chicken has 460 mg of sodium per standard 3-ounce serving, one-fifth of the maximum amount that adults should consume in a day (2,300 mg), according to CR’s January 2022 issue. Sodium-loaded rotisserie chicken is not unique to Costco.