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How much does Stainmaster carpet cost?

Cost of Stainmaster Carpet

Stainmaster Carpet costs Zip Code Sq. ft.
Basic Better
Stainmaster Carpet – Installation Cost $105.00 – $170.00 $130.00 – $150.00
Stainmaster Carpet – Total $380.00 – $520.00 $520.00 – $570.00
Stainmaster Carpet – Total Average Cost per square foot $4.50 $5.45

How much does the best carpet cost?

Most homeowners pay $2 to $4 per square foot for good quality synthetic carpet made with polyester or nylon fibers. These popular mid-range carpets come in a huge array of colors, styles and textures.

Is stainmaster a good brand?

In the carpet world, Stainmaster is known as a high-quality carpet brand. It is known for its vivid color, plush texture, and most of all for its stain resistant capabilities. Since it is a well-known high-quality brand, Stainmaster will cost more than other brands of carpet.

How much is a 12×12 carpet?

The average cost to carpet a 12×12 bedroom is $250 to $1,100 total or $2 to $8 per square foot to install.

Bedroom carpet cost.

Size Average total cost
10×10 $175 – $750
10×12 $200 – $900
12×12 $250 – $1,100
12×15 $300 – $1,400

Is stainmaster made by Mohawk?

Stainmaster carpet is made for Lowe’s by companies including Carpet Mills, Dixie, Mohawk, Phenix, and Shaw, many of which are located within the USA. Additionally, Lowe’s owns Stainmaster carpet, having purchased it from the company Invista after being the brand’s exclusive retailer.

How often should carpet be replaced?

every 6-7 years

Generally carpet is replaced every 6-7 years. If maintained properly it can last in excess of 10 years! This means many carpets, especially those in busier homes, may need updating more frequently.

How much does it cost to install 1200 square feet of carpet?

between $8,000 to $13,200

How much does it cost to install 1,200 square feet of carpet? Carpeting 1,200 square feet costs between $8,000 to $13,200. Large areas cost more to install due to higher material, delivery and labor costs.

What material is Stainmaster carpet made from?

nylon 6,6

Stainmaster carpet is made from nylon 6,6, which is a high-quality product used to make carpet. Nylon 6,6 is reinforced with Teflon, which is the material used to help non-stick pans repel grease.

Is Stainmaster carpet nylon or polyester?

nylon fiber

This fiber type is known for its quality and durability. You might remember the name STAINMASTER™ as a carpet. Well, STAINMASTER™ was simply the brand name for the highest quality nylon fiber in the marketplace. Most (if not all) STAINMASTER™ carpets are made of their proprietary nylon fiber.

Is Stainmaster carpet good for pets?

Stainmaster®’s PetProtect® line is the best choice of carpet for homes with pets and kids. Resists pet stains. The carpet is solution dyed and made with SuperiorSD™ nylon fiber so it’s color safe. It has built-in stain protection and it locks in the color so it resists fading.

Is Stainmaster carpet better than mohawk?

Mohawk has a better warranty, softer fibers, more options, styles and colors. If you have pets, the choice is easy, you should go with StainMaster. However, if you have a larger budget and want a better quality carpet that can more easily match your décor, Mohawk is the answer.

Does Lowes own Stainmaster carpet?

MOORESVILLE, N.C. , April 22, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Lowe’s Companies, Inc. (NYSE: LOW) today announced it acquired the STAINMASTER brand, the most recognized and trusted carpet brand on the market today, advancing the home improvement retailer’s Total Home strategy.

Does Shaw sell Stainmaster carpet?

Shaw STAINMASTER Multiple Nylon Cut and Loop Carpet Sample.

Who bought Stainmaster?


With the acquisition, Lowe’s now owns the Stainmaster brand, acquiring all brand-related intellectual property and any related trademarks and sub-brands from parent company Invista.

Is Stainmaster and Mohawk the same?

Mohawk, like Shaw, is one of the biggest names in flooring. Unlike Stainmaster and RX2/Anso, Smartstrand didn’t invent a new and improved stain protection. Instead, they started using a completely different material of fiber to compete with the big names in nylon.

Who invented Stainmaster carpet?


In 1986, the Stainmaster brand was introduced by Dupont. From day one, they revolutionized the carpet industry with a familiar stain-resistant technology that had never before been available in carpet. Recently the brand has been passed on to Lowes.

Are Shaw and Stainmaster the same?

Shaw Carpet Brand

They incorporate different technology such as All Nylon and All Polyester, Anso Nylon, ClearTouch Polyester, R2X Nylon, and Stainmaster Nylon.

How do you clean Stainmaster carpet?

But they're also designed to leave behind a protective shield to repel dirt and to help keep your carpet looking its best just blotting with water to remove any remaining solution and we're done.