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How much does Pennsylvania bluestone cost?

$16 to $26 per square foot$16 to $26 per square foot installed. Factors affecting price include the area where you live, the pattern, thickness, and any special fabrication.

How much is a bluestone cost?

Bluestone Patio Costs by Type

Bluestone Material Average Costs
Bluestone Pavers $5–$12 /square foot
Bluestone Treads $45–$85 /each
Bluestone Slabs $27 /square foot
Bluestone Steps $15–$55 /each

How much is a pallet of blue stone?


Thickness Approx. Sq. Ft./ Pallet Approx. Weight/ Pallet
1″ ~ 300 sq. ft. +/- ~ 300 lbs.

Does Pennsylvania bluestone need to be sealed?

Bluestone Maintenance

It doesn’t require sealing and is cleaned with only water and a brush. If your bluestone is stained, just add some vinegar and water to the surface and scrub it out, although you can purchase specialty cleaners for unusual or severe stains.

What color is Pennsylvania bluestone?

blue color

Pennsylvania Bluestone is a unique sand stone found only in Northeastern Pennsylvania and mostly in Susquehanna County. Pennsylvania Bluestone derives its name from its typically blue color.

Which lasts longer bluestone or pavers?

For the cons, modular pavers are sensitive to UV rays, so they tend to fade over time, making them less long-lasting compared to bluestone and clay pavers.

Are there different types of bluestone?

The ‘main’ colors mentioned for Bluestone paving are ‘Full Range’ and ‘Select Blue. Full range generally has mix of different stone colors including silver / blue, brown, tan, grey, rust and even green and plum. Select blue is primarily a mix of blue and grey tones.

How much does PA Bluestone weigh?

Depending on the thickness, bluestone weighs approximately 13.5 pounds per square foot for nominal 1” thick stone and 20.25 pounds per square foot for nominal 1.5” thick stone.

How many square feet are in a pallet of irregular bluestone?

Estimating Natural Stone

Irregular Stand-up Stone: One pallet covers approximately 80 square feet based on spacing of stones and joints. Walls should be built on top of a trench filled with at least one foot of ¾ crushed stone. One yard of crushed stone, sand, stone dust or loam weighs approximately 1.5 tons.

How much does Bluestone weigh per cubic foot?

Technical Data for Bluestone

Property Value
Abrasion (Thermal face) 28.2
Abrasion (Natural cleft) 11.2
Specific gravity 2.604
Weight per cubic foot 162.5 lbs

What does Pennsylvania bluestone look like?

Due to different clays and mineral deposits carried by groundwater during the stone’s formation, Pennsylvania bluestone can vary from its predominantly silvery blue color to any combination of brown, tan, rust, green, and lilac. Full range color encompasses all shades.

How old is Pennsylvania bluestone?

Pennsylvania bluestone is dense, strong, and stable sandstone found in the northeastern United States in Pennsylvania. This beautiful material was developed more than 360 million years ago.

Is bluestone slippery when wet?

Bluestone Can Be Slippery

Although bluestone is a type of flagstone which naturally has a slight sandpaper-like texture, bluestone may get slippery when wet which means it’s best suited for patios and walkways without a slope.

Can you lay bluestone on concrete?

You can set the bluestone on a concrete pad as long as the pad is in excellent condition. The concrete pad should be 4″-6″ thick. Beneath the concrete there should be 6″ compacted aggregate, laying on undisturbed or compacted soil.

Is bluestone good for a patio?

Bluestone is durable, attractive, and ideal for all kinds of uses including patios, pool decks, stone steps, or entryways. Both types of U.S. bluestone have long been used as pavers in hardscapes.

What is the difference between bluestone and flagstone?

Bluestone is sturdier and holds in place better than generic flagstone; it is more resilient against elements, making it weather resistant and perfect for outdoor living. It comes in natural cleft and select grades. Bluestone has a more classic and formal look, even among natural landscaping.

What is Pennsylvania flagstone?

Flagstone, also known as Pennsylvania Bluestone, is a layered sandstone found in the northern tier of Pennsylvania and the Southern Tier of New York. Though known for its blue hue, flagstone can come in other colors as well such as lilac, green and lilac.

What is cheaper flagstone or bluestone?

Flagstone, in general, is not an inexpensive material. Depending on location, type, cut and color, prices can range anywhere from $120 per ton to over $500 per ton. Bluestone tends to be a little pricier than most other colors of flagstone, since it is not available in all areas. Pavers cost $25 to $35 per square foot.

Are bluestone pavers expensive?

Bluestone Pavers Are Reasonable at Cost

Thermal type is costlier than the rest of the two types of bluestone. Natural bluestone variety costs nearly $4 to $8 per square foot. If we add installation labor charges, it may go up to $30 to $35, but it is equally applicable to other types of stones.

Why is bluestone so popular?

Bluestone is popular in the United States, as it is readily available, and this is the only place where it can be cut into specific sizes, known as quarrying. Bluestone is a popular choice for patio pavers and poolside patios due to its naturally-occurring slip-resistant surface.

Does blue stone fade?

Like other natural stone pavers, bluestone must be sealed for optimum durability. A sealer helps to protect this porous stone from degradation due to salt, chemicals (like chlorine) and debris. The color of bluestone will change over time without a sealer applied, simply due to the absorption of water.

Is bluestone more expensive than limestone?

Whereas a bluestone patio may cost approximately $16 per square foot installed, the cheapest limestone starts there and prices can climb to as much as $40 per square foot; surface or edge treatments will add to the final tab.

Is bluestone really blue?

Bluestone, in fact, represents in excess of 20 separate rock varieties. In the U.S. it is usually a kind of sandstone. It is deep blue in colour, but in other areas of the U.S ,it is a variety of limestone that was formed in deep water and had less subjection to light.

Is bluestone the same as slate?

Bluestone and slate are both used as building stone, but the properties and uses of the two types of rock are very different. Both bluestone and slate, however, are built of sedimentary deposits which have been altered over millennia of geologic processes.

Where is bluestone found?

There are two distinct building materials called “bluestone” in the United States, one is also found in Canada. Bluestone is quarried in western New Jersey, Pennsylvania and eastern New York. It is also quarried in the Canadian Appalachians near Deer Lake in Western Newfoundland.

What stone is native to Pennsylvania?

The state of Pennsylvania shines in its diversity of minerals and crystals. You can find quartz crystals, rutile, rare pyromorphite, azurite, kyanite, eastonite, and plenty of other rare and beautiful crystals, all coming in different shapes and sizes!

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