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How much does it cost to run electric towel rail?

For the majority of heated towel rails, it costs around than $0.01 to run per hour, which is around the same cost as a light bulb. Similarly, you won’t be leaving a light bulb running 24 hours, 365 days of the year.

Do towel rails use a lot of electricity?

The short answer is, not a lot. Most heated towel rails are very effective in heating and drying your towels. In other words, they don’t use a lot of electricity to perform their job. To provide a bit more detail, the typical heated towel rails consumes watts of electricity per hour.

Are heated towel rails expensive to run UK?

An electric heated towel rail would cost more to run for the same length of time than a rail that is part of your central heating, however it is considerably more flexible for for switching on and off whenever you need it.

Should heated towel rails be left on?

Heated towel rails can be left on continuously, like standard radiators but if you have an electrically heated towel rail it is better and safer to limit usage and turn them on only when needed, rather than leaving it on all the time.

Are heated towel rails worth it?

So are heated towel rails worth it? If you’re looking for a little extra comfort during the winter and a space saving storage option for your towels, then heated towel rails are definitely worth it! With a range of colours available, these rails are also a great way to tie a space together.

How much electricity do heated towel rails use?

You can hold your hand on a towel warmer for 10 seconds or longer, so a towel warmer uses about 5 watts of electricity for that area the size of your hand. Now have to multiply that times the total area of the towel rack, which is about 15x or more larger. So about 75 watts give or take.

Will an electric towel rail heat my bathroom?

One of the most commonly asked questions when it comes to the functionality of heated towel rails is, do they actually heat up your bathroom? In short, the answer is yes! Heated towel rails are ideal for making your bathroom a warm, comfortable place to be… especially on those cold winter days!

Do electric towel rails have thermostats?

A final note on these dry electric towel rails is that they do not have any built in thermostats which you can control the heat.

How long do electric towel rails take to heat up?

Standard Electric Towel Rails should be turned on for at least 4 hours to reach their peak temperature. Some of the towel rail does not get hot enough.

What are electric towel rails filled with?

Electric towel rails are fitted with an electric element and filled with a water inhibiting fluid. The element heats up the fluid and the towel rail is heated by a process known as convection.

Do you need to bleed electric towel rails?

For a well-maintained heating system, annual bleeds are fine. It is also advisable to bleed a heated towel rail after any modifications, repairs or when the towel rail feels colder at the top. If you find you are bleeding your towel rail continually, please contact a professional.

Are dual fuel towel rails worth it?

Energy Saving & Cost-Effective

Because of this flexibility, dual fuel towel rails are much more cost effective than either a centrally heated radiator, or a towel rail heated solely by electricity. They give you the option to use the most energy-efficient power source whatever the season.