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How does Tide stain stick work?

This pen features a microfiber tip that releases a powerful cleaning solution. After applying the solution, you rub the tip across the stain like an eraser to lift and absorb stains. It can be used on washable whites, colors, and most fabrics.

How do you use Tide stain sticks?


  1. Remove excess residue from stain.
  2. Press the tip onto the stain several times to release some stain remover solution onto the stain.
  3. Rub tip gently across the stain to remove it. When necessary, add more liquid and continue rubbing gently.

How well does a Tide pen work?

According to Tide, 72 percent of stains that people experience on the go are the result of food and drink, and that’s what the pen was designed to attack. It works best on stains like ketchup, coffee, and wine; less so on protein stains like blood or grass.

Do you have to wash clothes after using Tide stick?

No you do not have to wash your clothes right away. I don’t wash my clothes right away after using the Tide Penang it always gets the stains out.

Do Tide sticks work on old stains?

Best of all, Tide to Go travels easily to stop stains on the spot. Powerful solution breaks stains down; microfiber pad lifts and absorbs them. Works well on tomato juice, ketchup, BBQ sauce, grape juice, coffee, wine, tea, chocolate syrup, and more.

Does Tide to go work on old stains?

You can pre-treat your oil stain with a Tide to Go Pen, but you may also need to soak the garment in a stain-removing pre-treating solution. You will have the best luck with oil stains if you act on them quickly and do not let them set in.

Do Tide sticks bleach clothes?

Q: Does Tide to Go contain bleach? A: Tide to Go does not include bleach and is safe to use on most fabrics.

Can I use a Tide pen on dry clean only?

For Dry-Clean Only Garments

There are some items you might not want to use detergents or even a Tide pen on. This pen works in much the same way but is safe for dry clean only clothes and hand washables such as wools, silks, rayons, linens, cottons and other special care fabrics.