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How does frost free fridge freezer work?

Each time you open your freezer door, warm air enters it. Thanks to Frost Free technology, an automatic fan removes the warm air before it has a chance to condense into water and freeze into ice, leaving no chance for any ice to build up and ensuring your freezer will stay frost free.

Does a frost-free freezer need defrosting?

Frost free refers to the freezer compartment. You won’t need to defrost the freezer although you many still find condensation and moisture build up in the fridge.

Are frost-free fridge freezers any good?

Most newer freezers are frost-free. Cool, right? (Ha, ha.) But the way frost-free freezers get rid of the frost could actually compromise the long-term quality of your food. The frost-free freezers eliminate frost by raising the temperature inside the freezer a few times a day, from about 0 degrees to 32 degrees.

Where does the water go in frost-free freezer?

The water drains off through a pipe to an external tray which is over the external heat exchanger. When the compressor starts, the outside heat exchanger evaporates the defrost water and this actually improves the overall efficiency of the system.

What are the disadvantages of a frost-free freezer?

The first disadvantage of frost-free freezers is the price. They typically cost more than a conventional freezer that must be defrosted. In addition, the extra cost may force you to purchase a smaller freezer than you might originally have intended to purchase, or lead you to have to sacrifice in other areas.

Why does my frost-free fridge keep icing up?

Frost builds up primarily due to the interaction from letting warm air into the fridge freezer. To avoid this, try not to open the door too often, and don’t leave the doors open for very long. The cold air inside your appliance needs to be properly isolated from the outside temperature.

What causes ice build-up in a frost-free freezer?


Freezer frost occurs when moisture comes into contact with the evaporator coils inside your freezer and then freezes. The most common culprits of frost buildup include: A damaged or worn-out door seal: Your freezer’s door seal (also called a gasket) keeps cold air in and warm air out.

What is the lifespan of a frost-free fridge freezer?

That is why it is so important to maintain your fridge freezer correctly, to avoid any problems. Luckily, if your appliance is maintained efficiently, you could expect a fridge freezer lifespan of at least 10 years, so you shouldn’t have to splash out very often at all.

What is the lifespan of a frost-free freezer?

On average, the life expectancy of a refrigerator-freezer or chest freezer is 16 years. Freezers typically last anywhere from 12 to 20 years. Along with gas and electric ranges, freezers tend to be the longest-lasting kitchen appliances.

Do frost-free fridge freezers use more electricity?

Cons: Overall Cost

Based on the U.S. Energy Information Administration’s September 2013 report, one frost-free 15-cubic-foot freezer costing 12.5 cents per kilowatt hour will run you about $219 every year, while the equivalent manual defrost freezer only costs about $144 annually.

Which is better manual or frost-free freezer?

A manual defrost freezer may use up to 40 percent less energy than a self-defrosting model. 1 A manual defrost freezer does not contain heating elements, which reduces the overall energy use of the appliance. It’s important to note that both self-defrosting and manual defrost freezers can carry an Energy Star rating.

Does food last longer in a frost-free freezer?

Frost free freezers work by periodically warming to a temperature above freezing so the frost melts. Everything in the freezer will warm up a bit and start to thaw. It will ruin a lot of your food if you tend to store it for a long period of time.

Which is better frost or No Frost refrigerator?

Frost and no frost are types of refrigerators. Frost refrigerator requires manual defrosting. They are of smaller capacity and are more energy efficient compared to no frost models. Most frost refrigerators available in the market are of direct cool single door refrigerators.

Is automatic defrost the same as frost-free?

Frost Free refers to the freezers with a dynamic cooling system. No ice inside builds upon the walls, and you just do not need to do anything with the defrost. Automatic Defrost refers to the freezers with direct or fan-assisted cooling systems.

Why is my frost-free freezer leaking water?

Cause 1: A blocked defrost drain is one of the most common causes. This happens when food particles or other debris clog up the drain hose, which can lead to ice buildup and, eventually, water leaking out of the freezer and refrigerator.

Why is the bottom of my fridge full of water?

Clogged Defrost Tube

If your fridge has water pooling at the bottom, the defrost tube is your MOST likely suspect. Your defrost tube is what carries the water all the way down to the drain pan where it eventually evaporates. When working correctly, it helps make sure your fridge has a smooth defrost cycle.

Why does water accumulate in the bottom of my refrigerator?

Now often this is caused by a little hole at the back here becoming blocked this is a condensation drain hole. And what happens is the water that collects in the fridge.

Why is my freezer leaking water onto the floor?

Cracked drain pan: At the bottom of many fridge freezers is the drain pan. If this becomes cracked or damaged, it can cause water to trickle out the bottom of the appliance. A replacement drain pan should solve the issue.

How do you unclog a freezer defrost drain?

So using either a hairdryer or some type of gentle Heat allow that to thaw or melt. And then monitor how quickly the water disappears.

Where is freezer defrost drain?

And right down here at the bottom you've got two holes that compartment right there allows air to move down into the refrigerator. And that little hole down underneath is the overflow drain.

How do you unclog a defrost drain on a refrigerator?

And turn off your water and power and you have to look for the drain. And then you have to unclog it but in most cases you actually don't have to go that far in most cases you have a much simpler

What happens if freezer drain is clogged?

If the drain clogs the water will back up into the freezer. On top freezers this water will then run into the fresh food section and eventually into the floor. If left unattended, the water will eventually freeze in the air ducts causing the refrigerator to stop cooling due to poor airflow.

Where is the fridge drain hole?

If the drain hole becomes blocked, this then causes problems for the rest of your refrigerator. Usually, the hole can be found at the base of the back wall, with ridges leading down towards it to guide beads of moisture.