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How does a fireplace insert blower work?

How Does a Fireplace Blower Work? A fireplace blower pulls air in from the room and forces it through a channel on the fireplace’s exterior. As the air travels around the hot fireplace, it heats up, and by the time it is released into the room, the air is much warmer than the rest of the room.

How long does it take for a fireplace blower to turn on?

about 10-20 minutes

It takes a fireplace blower about 10-20 minutes to complete the process of it turning on and off. A fireplace blower cannot turn on and off instantly like a light bulb. When you turn on your fireplace, the firebox begins to heat up. Once its fan sensor switch detects the set temperature, it will turn on the blower.

Do fireplace inserts have blowers?

If the wood or gas fireplace fan insert is modern, chances are a blower can be added to get the warmth moving faster than normal. Many inserts are made for the addition of a blower or have one already installed when new.

Does a fireplace blower make a difference?

To combat the inefficiencies of radiant heat and to lessen heat loss through venting, adding a blower or fan kit can significantly improve the overall efficiency of your fireplace. In fact, some blowers can improve gas fireplace efficiency by as much as 80%!

How do you test a fireplace blower?

If your system includes a fan speed control ensure that it is not set to the off position as this will prevent the fan from running most components will be connected by simple plug and play wiring.

How does a blower work?

Blowers increase the pressure of the absorbed gas by a series of vortex motions formed by the centrifugal movement of the impeller. When the impeller is rotating, the channels in the impeller push the air forward by the centrifugal movement and a helical movement occurs.

How much electricity does a fireplace blower use?

Using a national average of $0.14 / kilowatt hour, running a 35-50 watt blower 24 hours a day for 365 days would cost between $35 – $50 annually. That’s not terribly expensive when we consider the costs of running an efficient gas furnace.

How do you access a wood fireplace blower?

Slide the blower assembly into the fireplace on the right hand side of the lower access position the blower so that the magnets on the back of the blower are against the rear wall of the fireplace.