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How do you wax a concrete floor?

What kind of wax do you use on concrete floors?

Cherry Wax provides excellent scuff and abrasion resistance for all types of interior flooring applications including stained concrete floors and epoxy floors. It’s superior resistance to traffic, yields a smooth polished look for months without maintenance.

What to put on concrete floor to make it shine?

A glossy sealer creates a shiny surface, and an acrylic wax adds an additional protective coat. Polyurethane and epoxy sealers resist abrasion, stains and heavy traffic particularly well, but water-based acrylic sealers are less expensive and easier to apply.

How do you clean and wax a concrete floor?

And we're just gonna put the stripper down evenly on the floor. Let it sit for about twenty minutes and then we're gonna wet mop it off the floor. You can also use a wet vacuum.

How can I make my concrete floor shine without wax?

Regular sweeping and weekly cleaning with a mop and mild solution of dish soap and water should help concrete keep its shine. Every few months, use a pressure washer to clean dirt and debris from crevices. Make sure the concrete can handle the high-pressured stream of water before you tackle the entire project.

Should you wax concrete floors?

The ease of maintenance of polished concrete is one of the many factors that lead business owners to have it installed at their workplace. Whether your polished concrete has a satin finish or has been buffed to a high-gloss sheen, waxing the floor is an unnecessary step in the regular floor maintenance.

Can you put wax on a concrete floor?

Many concrete contractors recommend applying a mop-down wax or floor finish to your decorative concrete floor after you seal it. Why do you need both a sealer and a floor wax? The reason is simple. Applying several coats of wax over the sealer coat helps to protect the sealer from wear and preserve your floor.

Can I polish concrete yourself?


Polishing concrete is not an easy DIY project, since it requires heavy equipment and special diamond tooling. We recommend hiring a professional concrete polishing contractor to complete your project. They will have a thorough understanding of what it takes to achieve the best results.

How can I make my concrete floor look good?

The following are some ways you can use to make concrete floors look nicer:

  1. Acid Staining. Concrete flooring is great because it is easy to maintain. …
  2. Resin Flooring. …
  3. Stained and Polished Concrete Flooring. …
  4. Dyed Concrete Flooring. …
  5. Painted Concrete Floors.

Is Mop and Glo good for concrete floors?

Take care not to use a floor cleaner with added wax. Mop & Glo is the primary culprit. Again, a damp mop with a small amount of gentle soap is all that’s required.