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How do you take care of Fritillaria?

Fritillaria thrive in filtered to partial sunlight. Fritillaria meleagris prefers cooler soil with a bit of moisture in it. Plant the large Fritillaria bulbs 6″ to 7″ deep and 8″ to 10″ apart. Plant the smaller Fritillaria bulbs 5″ to 6″ deep and 5″ to 6″ apart.

Do Fritillaria come back every year?

If possible, plant a low growing ground cover to shade bulbs of the growing Fritillaria plant or mulch the plant to protect it from the summer sun. Separate wildflower Fritillaria lilies every two years. Remove young bulblets and replant in moist, shady conditions for more of this unusual flower every year.

Where is the best place to plant Fritillaria?

Grow Fritillaria in sun or dappled shade in free-draining soil. Plant the bulbs in free-draining soil or around deciduous shrubs that will take up excess moisture in the summer. To improve drainage, bulbs can be grown in a raised bed, where water will drain more quickly.

Do you cut back Fritillaria after flowering?

The leafage must not be cut off until it has withered away completely. Indeed, the phase where the leaves turn yellow is exactly when the plant stocks up on nutrients for the next blooming cycle.

What do you do after Fritillaria blooms?

Snip off the spent flowers and allow the foliage to continue growing until it has completely yellowed. At this point you can cut off the flower stalk at or just above ground level. In fertile, moist, but well-drained soil, snake’s head fritillaria will usually multiply and come back to bloom again each spring.

How do fritillaries spread?

Fritillaries can be propagated by seed. Sow in autumn under glass. Once germinated, grow seedlings on for two years before planting out. Alternatively, divide established clumps of Fritillaria imperialis in late-summer by splitting off and potting on the small bulbils around the edge of the bulb.

Should I deadhead Fritillaria?

There is no need to deadhead your plants. They will only bloom once. After the flowers die, you can remove them or leave them on the plant to produce seeds.

Do fritillaries self seed?

Snake’s Head Fritillary will self seed if the growing conditions are suitable, so it maybe better not to dead head.

Can Fritillaria be grown in pots?

You can grow Fritillaria meleagris very successfully in pots if they are kept in a damp corner on the north side of a house whilst they are dormant, but there is nothing better than seeing them seeding into a position they favour.