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How do you take care of a wooly Bush?

Can you grow woolly bush from a cutting?

You can propagate this plant at home. It’s best to do multiple cuttings at a time, as the propagation is not always successful. All you need to do is: Take a cutting of 5-10cm in spring or autumn.

How do you prune Silver Streak?

Pruning the tips of the plant will help it to flourish in spring and summer and will give it an attractive shape. Feed in spring with low phosphorus fertiliser. Likes well drained soil, and is drought and frost tolerant once established. The foliage can produce an allergic reaction in some.

How long does a Woolly Bush last?

This Western Australian species is soft to the touch and a worthy inclusion in most gardens. It should perform well for up to 10 years before it will require replacing. It may also be grown in a large tub and shaped for a Christmas tree!

How big do woolly bushes get?

0.5m to 4m high

This evergreen, compact shrub grows from 0.5m to 4m high and spreads up to 1.5m wide. Woolly Bush has long silver-grey coloured leaves, which are soft to touch. It also produces attractive small groups of tiny red-pink flowers. Adenanthos sericeus are well suited to Australian cool and dry temperate climate zones.

Is Woolly Bush frost tolerant?

TOLERANCES: Tolerant to light frosts. High tolerance to coastal conditions and drought. Requires well drained soil.

How do you grow Hibbertia Scandens?

It's best if you can provide a cool moist root run but it's not really a fussy plant in terms of soil. In fact it grows in a range of soils from coastal sandy dunes right through to forested.

Does Woolly Bush have a scent?

Typically featuring colours ranging from blues and purples through to pinks, lavenders have a beautiful scent and can be used as an herb.

Can Woolly Bush grow indoors?

It can stay indoors in a well lit room for a maximum of two weeks. Water it once or twice a week depending on the room. Test the moisture content in the soil with your finger. It should only stay in the pot for a maximum of one year.

What is a Silver Streak?

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