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How do you set a century timer?

How does a century timer work?

This is a century 24 hour mechanical timer before using the timer you will need to set up the clock. Turn the dial clockwise.

How do you set a 24 hour timer plug?

The way the timer works is that you press down the black segments with your fingernail a pencil for when you want the lights go on each segment is 15 minutes and four segments equal an hour for.

How do you program a digital timer?

I'll use the hour button to adjust the hour. The minute button to adjust a minute and the week key and you'll see the week's scroll across the top to select the day of the week.

How do you program an outdoor timer?

First press the mode button until you reach Auto timer. Then hold down the program button for two seconds to enter the program setting.

How do you program a power strip timer?

Here's how to program the power strip with timer. First press the power button on the top to turn it on next set the clock to the current date and time to set the day hold the clock.

How do you set a light timer with pins?

Around the dial push down all the pins within the time frame for your desired schedule. Use a pencil or pen if necessary. For example push down the pins aligned with 6:00 p.m. and 11 p.m. as.

How do you set an automatic light timer?

You simply push the button down of the time you want it to turn on and then turn all the ones push all the ones down till. The time you want it to shut off.