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How do you grow Larkspur?

Larkspur plants grow well in full sun, as long as the soil is slightly moist. They need less moisture than delphiniums, but they don’t bloom well in hot and dry conditions. Water your plant in the summer if rainfall is under 1 inch per week.

Is larkspur an annual or perennial?


Larkspur is basically an annual version of delphinium, an all-time favorite perennial. Larkspur produces lovely spikes of blue, purple, pink, or white flowers in spring and summer. They look best clustered in small patches. Like many cool-season annuals, it’s a good winter-blooming plant for the Deep South.

Does larkspur prefer sun or shade?

For the best blooms, plant larkspur in full sun. Although plants can handle a small amount of shade, they are more likely to flop and require stakes.

How do you plant larkspur?

Place seeds in a zip lock sandwich bag and include some damp perlite to provide moisture. Planting larkspur seeds in peat pots or other plantable containers will also work. If there is a building, basement, or cold room where temperatures will remain between 40 and 50 F.

What is the difference between delphinium and larkspur?

The name “Delphinium” comes from the Greek word “delphisfor”, meaning dolphin and is related to the shape of the nectary spur, resembling the shape of a cetacean. The name “Larkspur” is related to the spur-shaped calyx of the flowers of both genera. The flowers of Delphinium sp. are situated in a dense column.

Is larkspur cut and come again?

Larkspur is not considered to be a cut and come again type flower. It is a medium producer and will produce more than one stem per plant.

What month does larkspur bloom?

Flowers will bloom through early fall until the first frost. Fall seeded larkspur will grow through the fall and remain green until the coldest weather of winter when they will lose their color and go dormant. When warm weather returns, they will emerge from dormancy and begin growing.

Do hummingbirds like larkspur?

The hummingbirds in my area have especially enjoyed the Larkspur. They seem to fly for it before many other flowers. Larkspur is very easy to grow from seed using the Winter Sowing method or spread the seeds in Fall. Keep Larkspur dead-headed so they continue to bloom.

Do you deadhead larkspur?

Deadheading any spent blossoms will allow the plant’s energy to go into developing new larkspur flowers. To deadhead, just clip the stem below the spent blossom, or pinch it off with your fingers. Water larkspur twice a week, and more during dry periods, and give it an all purpose fertilizer every other week.

Do butterflies like larkspur?

Annuals and Perennials

Among the tall purple plants that draw butterflies, flowers give you the widest selection. Larkspur (Consolida ajacis), an annual in most climates, grows 5 feet tall and produces a spike of bright purple flowers.

Does larkspur attract bees?

Long-tongued bees are also attracted to flowers with hidden nectar spurs, such as snapdragons, larkspur, monkshood and columbine.

Is larkspur poisonous to touch?

All parts of the plant are toxic to humans, especially the seeds. The U.S. Department of Agriculture says the plant can also cause nervousness, weakness, and vomiting if consumed by an animal. Wash your hands after handling larkspur.