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How do wine chillers work?

The bottle creates a pool of cold air, and because the density of colder air is higher than that of warmer air, the cooler air stays inside the wine cooler. The air in the insulating walls is slightly warmer than the air surrounding the bottle, but cooler than the air surrounding the cooler.

How do thermoelectric wine coolers work?

A thermoelectric wine cooler contains a cooling node consisting of a ceramic tile that has electrical current passed through it. As the electrical current is passed through the cooling node the outside of the tile will heat up and the other side (the side facing into the cooler) will cool down.

Why is my thermoelectric wine cooler beeping?

The wine cooler is improperly positioned or balanced

If you’re wine cooler is beeping, it might be trying to tell you that the appliance isn’t completely balanced or flat. In order to remedy this, you will need a spirit level so that you can adjust the feet of your appliance accordingly until the beeping stops.

Why does my wine cooler keep freezing up?

A wine cooler will maintain the internal humidity between 50 and 80% and has sensors to ensure excessive levels aren’t reached. If moist air enters the wine cooler, during the cooling period, the water molecules will condense and potentially freeze on the back wall of the wine cabinet.