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How do I program my orbit 6 sprinkler system?

How do you program a Orbit 6 sprinkler timer?

After you've turned it to the set o'clock position press the plus or the minus button to change the time up or down if you hold the plus or the minus button.

How do you program Orbit sprinklers to start at different times?

The same method to set start time 3 & 4 as needed press the program a B button to move to program B. Set start times for program B using the arrow buttons.

How do you manually set an Orbit sprinkler system?

The quickest way is just to hit the manual. Button which is right here in the top left.

How do you reset a sprinkler system Orbit?

So there's a reset button right up here it's going to go ahead and put a pen in here put a tap on this. Button. Let that reset just like that.

How do I program my irrigation system?

This will total twelve complete cycles or 60. Minutes per week and that's the basic programming to have a weekly watering schedule. Remember that all the zones run one after the other.

Why does my orbit sprinkler system run twice?

The answer is usually there are too many programmed start times — program start times are being confused with zone (station) run times. Some controllers have up to eight start times per day to a single program (e.g. A).

How do you set an orbit water timer?

You'll need to set the current time. Turn the dial to set o'clock. Use the plus and minus buttons to select the current time of day. Hold down the buttons to scroll more quickly to the desired. Time.

What is Noac on orbit timer?

No Alternating Current

No AC stands for No Alternating Current. In other words, there is a problem with the electricity in or out of your timer.

How do I manually turn on orbit timer?

Right now in addition to whatever else is scheduled to run so the way that I would do that is I would there's this inter manual button down here I would hit the pit that button.

How do you troubleshoot an orbit sprinkler system?

Principles. We're going to check those same exact things on the rest of these controllers. So this is a an orbit controller the the transformer that takes it from 120 volts to 24 volts it's inside.

Why isn’t my orbit sprinkler timer working?

Check the connection to the docking port to ensure the timer is plugged in properly. Try removing the timer and reinserting it into the docking port, pushing down until you hear a click. If you are still not getting power, the timer may be defective.

How do you set a irrigation timer?

So if we go to program a after. I will set my stations to be under my turf stations to be under i'm going to set it it i want to come on at 5am. As. The first time that it comes on in the day.

How do you set up automatic sprinklers?

And contaminate your drinking water to install them you install your sprinkler line to the outlet side of the valve. And connect the inlet side to your water supply. Line.

How does an irrigation timer work?

A water flow timer using a ball valve contains an electric motor with gears to stop or start the water flow by turning a perforated ball within the water flow line. The gearbox in a ball valve timer makes a rumbling sound when actuated.

How do you use a water timer?

You can set to auto push the manual button and then tell it how long you want to use manual. So for instance one minute here. And it will come on manually. For that amount of time.

How do you set a digital sprinkler timer?

Start by rotating the dial to set o'clock and pushing the plus or minus button to set the time. Hold to advance. Quickly. Next rotate the dial to start time and choose when you want your watering to.

How does a digital hose timer work?

A hose timer is a simple device that connects directly to the hose and to the hose’s water faucet. Its position between the hose and the water source allows the hose timer to control the flow of water to the hose and to the sprinkler (if one is connected).

How do electronic tap timers work?

The simplest type of electronic tap timer, 2 dial tap timers have two dials that offer both run time and interval of run time. They run on batteries or solar, but are relatively simple to operate with the number of minutes or hours you want the tap to be on for, and the time between turning the tap on.

How do I program my orbit 58911?

Use the arrows to select a B or C cycle. Use the plus and minus buttons to select the time you would like watering to begin on each cycle. Hold down the buttons to scroll more quickly to the desired.

What is Digital tap timer?

The Digital Tap Timer connects to a standard garden tap and has a watering duration from 1 minute up to 12 hours and 59 minutes in 1-minute intervals. The Digital Tap Timer includes a 7-day watering calendar with individual day selection and can be scheduled to start watering up to 4 times per day.

How does 2 hour tap timer work?

The Pope 2 Hour Tap Timer takes the worry out of watering. Simply turn the dial to your selected watering time, up to two hours, then the time will shut off automatically – set and forget watering.

How do you reset the pope water timer?

So for instance if you set the watering time at 7 a.m. and press the delay button once it will delay the start until 8 a.m. push it twice it will come on at 9:00 a.m.. Three.

How do you set the Aquazone trio?

The okay button to go into setting mode if something besides the time is flashing press the UP button until the time is flashing. Then adjust the time using the plus and minus buttons.

How do you use a Holman water timer?

Start by turning the left dial to select the watering runtime. You can select from two minutes up to four hours turn the right dial to select the watering interval.

How do you program Holman Dial Ezy?

Turn the dial to set start times position start one will be flashing. Press the forward button and the hour will flash use the plus or minus to adjust noting AM and PM. Press.

How do I make my sprinklers oscillate?


  1. Check for crimps and kinks in your hose and fix where necessary.
  2. Try opening your tap more to increase the amount of water flowing to your sprinkler.
  3. Try a different model oscillating sprinkler. It may be that the overall water pressure on your home system is too low.