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How do I change the direction on my Hampton Bay ceiling fan?

How to Reverse a Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan With the Remote Control

  1. Turn the fan on by pressing the “auto” button or the “lo,” “med” or “hi” buttons on the remote control, depending on the type of unit.
  2. Press the button marked “reverse” or “for/rev” on the remote control to reverse the rotation of the fan.

Are Hampton Bay fans reversible?

Product Description

Installation is a breeze with QuickFit features like a slide-on mounting bracket and Quick Install blades. The brushed nickel housing is complemented with 5 reversible blades in seasoned wood and matte black finish to coordinate with many of today’s indoor decor trends.

How do I change the direction of my ceiling fan with the remote?

Option simply press and hold the fan button on the remote. You'll know it worked when the light on the control.

How do you reverse a Hampton Bay ceiling fan with remote no reverse button?

If you don’t see a reverse switch on your fan’s body, you’ll be able to reverse the ceiling fan direction with the handheld remote or wall control. Simply press and hold the fan button on the remote or wall control; you’ll know it was successful when the light on the control blinks.

How do I set my ceiling fan to rotate counterclockwise?

The counterclockwise rotation is typically set by pushing the direction switch on the side of the motor housing down. Check your fan’s instruction manual to confirm. If you are unsure if your fan is turning the correct direction, stand directly under the fan and look up.

How do I reset my Hampton Bay fan remote?

First, turn off the power then switch it back on again and within 30 seconds of turning it on you will need to hold down the fan off button for 10 seconds. Doing this will reset it.

Which Hampton Bay ceiling fan do I have?

To find your model number, take off the cover of your bath fan and look on the inside of the housing for the sticker. If you can’t find the UPC/model number and you need assistance, please contact Hampton Bay.

Why does my ceiling fan run in reverse?

When you put the fan into reverse, it draws air upward. Most people think of this as a way to bring the warmer air near the ceiling back down into lower half of the room, where the people are. That’s a great way to use the reverse function in the winter.

Do all fans have a reverse switch?

Most fans have a simple switch to reverse direction. Look up from underneath the fan to see if it’s turning the right way. Now, that’s not all you need to know about the energy savings from a ceiling fan. The clockwise or counter-clockwise effect only works if the fan blades are angled properly.

How do you flip a fan blade?

We're going to take the drill and remove. The top. Screws. Now that your fan blade is off simply turn it over and put it back on. And tighten up with your screwdriver. Or drill.

Which way does a ceiling fan turn in the summer?

During summer months, your ceiling fan blades should be set to spin counterclockwise. When your ceiling fan spins quickly in this direction, it pushes air down and creates a cool breeze. This helps keep a room’s temperature consistent throughout the day and reduces the need for an air conditioner to run constantly.

Should the ceiling fan switch be up or down for summer?

Rotation. So down is during the summer that means it's pushing the air down. And if the switch is up that means the air is being pushed up you want that up during the winter.

Does ceiling fan direction really matter?

The blade rotation should be set to counterclockwise for cooling, while a clockwise rotation helps to redistribute warm air during the heating season. Ceiling fans can make a huge difference as a complement to your HVAC system.

When should I change the direction of my ceiling fan?

While your fan should spin counterclockwise during the summer months, it needs to spin clockwise during the winter months. Fans should also spin at a low speed so they can pull cool air upward. The gentle updraft pushes warm air, which naturally rises to the ceiling, down along the walls, and back to the floor.

Do ceiling fans spin both ways?

Most ceiling fans have a switch that lets you change the direction of the blades so they rotate clockwise or counter-clockwise (some fan manufacturers label this “forward” and “reverse” respectively).