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Did someone buy Country Curtains?

Who bought out Country Curtains?

The Vermont Country Store

In February 2018, The Vermont Country Store purchased Country Curtains’ designs.

Why did Country Curtains go out of business?

Jack Fitzpatrick was a Republican state senator. Their daughter, Nancy Fitzpatrick, took an active roll in the business and was part of the decision to shut down. She told customers in a letter posted online that the challenges faced by a small company in today’s online-dominated retail environment were just too great.

Do people still buy curtains?

Curtains are still in fashion and there are various styles and patterns which are liked by modern home owners.

What is the current curtain trend?

Among the main curtain trends for 2021 is an ambiance that’s airy or light. Heavy and thick curtains can make a room look and feel much smaller. Homeowners might not realise that some guests may even feel claustrophobic in a room treated with bulky curtains, especially if the room isn’t large to begin with!

How do you make curtains for beginners?

Cut out two pieces of fabric according to the measurements I'm using a rotary cutter on a cutting mat to get the straightest lines possible.

What kind of curtains are popular in 2020?

Sheers are a must in 2020

The transparency of sheer curtains enables you to dress a window without limiting the entrance of sunlight into the room. Not only do sheer curtains look elegant but they also offer a light breezy feel and are perfect for living rooms, bedrooms and kitchen windows.

What is the most popular window treatment for 2021?

Top 3 Window Covering Trends in 2021

  • Roller Shades & Drapery Panels.
  • Cellular or Honeycomb Shades.
  • Flat Roman Shade in Vintage Floral Fabric.
  • Bedroom Drapery Panels.
  • White Cordless Bamboo Shades.