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Can you put a sectional in a small living room?

Sectionals are a great fit for small living room spaces, in part because of all of the customizable options available. Sectionals of yesteryear, sometimes gaudy and often cumbersome, are now sleek, stylish, and can be tailed to fit your space.

How do you arrange a sectional in a small living room?

Corner Placement

The most obvious arrangement for a sectional in a small room is to push an L-shaped couch right up into the far corner of the room, facing the TV or fireplace. This option opens up the room and maximizes seating without blocking off the flow from the adjacent room.

What size living room do you need for a sectional?

Sectional Sofa

(213-cm) sectional pieces together need a space that is 7 feet (213 cm) wide and 10 feet (305 cm) long, which is usually a significant portion of a room.

Will a sectional fit in my living room?

If you use your formal living room for entertaining or have a large family, there is nothing wrong with placing a sectional in a formal living room. Larger living rooms can comfortably accommodate a sophisticated leather or fabric sectional. Then it can be paired with a loveseat, smaller sofa, or armchairs.

Can I put a big couch in a small living room?

There’s no limit to what types of big couches can go in small spaces (well, aside from couches that actually exceed the size of the room). Even couches that expand from wall to wall are fair game. If you’re working with an unconventionally sized room, consider looking at custom couches.

Are sectionals out of style?

Sectional sofas are back in style.

After years of being shunned in favor of smaller, statement sofas, sectionals are making a comeback. “With families spending more time at home and in the living room, sectional sofas have been majorly trending,” Burt told Insider.

Which sofa is best for small living room?

In any small space, it’s crucial to invest in pieces that can do double duty. A sleeper sofa with removeable seat cushions does just that. Sleeper sofas are multi-functional and are excellent for saving space. If you want to use your living room as a primary bedroom, try a sofa bed with built-in storage units.

Do sectionals have to be against a wall?

The most common placement for a regular sofa is against the wall, but this doesn’t have to be the case for a sectional. If you can spare the real estate, floating the extended arm—or the entire piece—out in the middle of a room is a great way to visually mix things up.

How do I set up a small living room?

  1. Opt for a symmetrical living room layout. (Image credit: Benjamin Moore) …
  2. Float your furniture. (Image credit: Farrow & Ball) …
  3. Build it in. (Image credit: Future) …
  4. Break it up. …
  5. Make mirrors key in a small living room layout. …
  6. Go floor to ceiling with storage. …
  7. Choose space saving furniture. …
  8. Create a cozy nook.
  9. How do I choose a sectional for a room?

    As a general rule of thumb, you’ll want all of the furniture in the room to be proportional to one another. If, for example, you have a small, modern loveseat and coffee table, you might not want to choose a huge, overstuffed sectional. You should also consider the height of your sectional.

    How do you fit a couch in a small living room?

    First arrange to accommodate for walkways. This seating arrangement lets traffic flow in from the front door and from the door to the patio. Through the living room and on to the rest of the home.

    How do you arrange big furniture in a small room?

    Create a low area directly opposite the entrance with a hassock, bench or low table as one leg of the triangle. It will focus attention on the furniture arrangement at the heart of the room instead of the shape (and size) of the room itself. Use corners to advantage.

    Is it OK to put a sofa in front of a window?

    In Front of a Window

    Although you never want to block a window, a sofa placed in front of one can look great as long as the back of the sofa is relatively low. Just be sure to leave a gap of about 10 to 12 inches to give the piece some breathing room and to allow for window treatments.

    Should Sectionals be against the wall?

    The most common placement for a regular sofa is against the wall, but this doesn’t have to be the case for a sectional. If you can spare the real estate, floating the extended arm—or the entire piece—out in the middle of a room is a great way to visually mix things up.

    How do you separate a sectional sofa and use it to arrange a room?

    Typically, the simplest separation is at the corner. After you’ve separated the first piece, flip the remaining sectional onto its back and look for how the other pieces come apart. Utilize the largest part of the sofa as your couch. Place it at the primary furnishing position in the room.

    How do I separate a Rooms to Go sectional?

    Grab the lip or handle on the corner section and lift straight up. Many sectional sofas have a designated place to lift from. If the square corner has a plastic lip around its rim, slide your fingers under this. Then lift straight up to detach this piece from the other sections.

    Which side should chaise be on?

    A chaise sounds great, but if it’s on the wrong side, it may be more of an annoyance if you have to always walk around it. A good rule of thumb is to place the chaise on the side with the least amount of traffic.

    What is the purpose of a chaise?

    The chaise lounge provides comfort while sitting upright but they’re designed for one person to stretch out upon, making them perfect for relaxing, reading or napping. Structurally, they are essentially sofas with the backrest at only one end.

    What do you put in the corner of a sectional?

    Use matching frames or choose related photographs. Alternatively, matching shelves or wrought iron decor would also serve to balance and unify the two walls behind the corner couch.

    How do I know which sectional to choose?

    To determine whether a sectional sofa piece is left facing or right facing, stand facing the piece in question. If the sofa arm is on the right side, you’re looking at a right facing sectional piece.

    Are L-shaped sofas a good idea?

    L-shaped sofas are a great choice for those who want a large, generous seating area. Offering plenty of room for everyone to sprawl out, L-shaped sofas are a good option for living rooms of all shapes and sizes. One of the most important things to consider when buying an L-shaped sofa is the size of your living room.

    What sectional is most comfortable?

    Shop the Most Comfortable Sectionals on Amazon:

    • Best Leather: Rivet Aiden Mid-Century Modern Reversible Leather Sectional Sofa.
    • Best Sleeper: South Shore Live-It Cozy Sectional Sofa Bed.
    • Best Outdoor: YitaHome Patio Furniture Set.
    • Best Reclining: Lexicon Power Reclining Sectional Sofa.

    How do you put an L-shaped couch in a living room?

    Use the L-shaped sofa to section areas without bringing in more furniture. The free-standing section with a high back could serve to demarcate spaces such as the living room from dining area. When accessorising with cushions, don’t go overboard, stick to a maximum of seven or eight.

    Where should L shape sofas be placed?

    L-shaped sofa layout #1: In the centre of the room

    If your room is large enough you can place more armchairs at the open end of the sofa to create a large space for entertaining within the semi-circular zone that you have formed.

    Which side should L shape sofa be?

    Alternatively, you could arrange the L-shaped sectional with the sofa perpendicular to the long side and facing the short end of the “L.” An L-shaped sectional makes good use of a corner in a small or narrow room; the couch can go on the side of the sectional where it fits best.

    Can you put an L-shaped couch in the middle of a room?

    Three options you can have are: Put one side of the L-shaped couch against a wall. Pick an area with a corner: L-shaped couches fit perfectly inside the corners of a wall. If your living room, or space, has enough room placing this couch in the center can look nice and provide your space with a dramatic type look.

    How do you set up a living room with a sectional?

    How to Arrange a Sectional Sofa in Your Living Room

    1. Place it Across from the Focal Point. Ideally, living room sectionals should be placed on the opposite side of the room from the main focal point. …
    2. Don’t Block Windows and Doors. …
    3. Decide on a Style. …
    4. Make the Living Room Complete with Finishing Touches.

    Can you put a couch in the middle of the room?

    Consider floating your sofa in the middle of a large room rather than placing it against the wall instead. Designers often float a sofa as a way to create a room within a room, to delineate different areas in a large space, or simply to center the focus.

    How do you float furniture in a small living room?

    Ways To Float Furniture In A Living Room

    1. Add in a writing desk. …
    2. Use different types of seating. …
    3. Make use of ottomans. …
    4. Make a loveseat & sofa face-off. …
    5. Used benches. …
    6. Toss in a large sectional. …
    7. Take advantage of natural lighting. …
    8. Create rows in the living room.

    Is it OK to put a sofa against a wall?

    Don’t push all your furniture up against the walls. Pull your sofa (or other seating) out at least 12″ from the wall. It will make the space seem more inviting and cozy, instead of creating a big bunch of weird dead space in the middle.