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Can you pressure wash LP smart siding?

To keep your home siding looking its best, use a cloth, sponge or soft brush and a bucket filled with a solution of mild detergent and water to wash the surface. Rinse with water from a garden hose. Avoid using a pressure washer on LP SmartSide siding.

Does LP smart siding need to be painted?

According to the terms of LP’s application instructions, all exposed edges of LP® SmartSide® siding and trim must be primed and painted with approved paint to protect the siding substrate. The back side is better left unpainted.

How often does LP smart siding need to be painted?

They must be painted within 180-days of installation. Refer to the installation instructions for proper finishing of the siding and trim.

Is Smart siding waterproof?

The LP smart siding is not waterproof, but it is water-resistant. LP smart siding is treated with an advanced formula of adhesive resins and zinc borate. It is also protected with a resin-saturated overlay that is moisture resistant.

How durable is LP smart siding?

LP SmartSide advantages

Durable: Thanks to the zinc borate, binders and resins used in manufacturing the siding, it’s incredibly resistant to moisture, making it more durable than other siding products on the market.

Is LP siding maintenance free?

In fact, one of the greatest benefits of traditional vinyl siding is that it is still relatively inexpensive. In addition, it’s virtually maintenance free, doesn’t rot, blister, chip or peel, and you never need to paint it.

Is SmartSide a good product?

While LP SmartSide has a few disadvantages, overall, it’s an excellent siding choice for efficiency and aesthetics. All you need now is a siding contractor to help you install it. To that end, contact us today!

Is LP SmartSide being discontinued?

She said sales of LP’s SmartSide fiber-based siding, produced at the Roaring River plant, have continued to decline and the company decided to discontinue production of fiber-based siding in the U.S. by the end of 2020.

When was LP siding recall?


What Were the Recall Years of LP Inner-Seal Siding? LP Inner-Seal siding was produced from 1985-1995. In 1996, a class-action lawsuit was filed against LP citing manufacturing issues with the composite siding. This was a big deal.

How long has LP smart siding been around?


–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Apr. 4, 2017– In 1997, the team at LP Building Products believed it had a better exterior siding idea and launched LP® SmartSide® Trim & Siding. They’ve been proved right. In 20 years LP has sold 10 billion square feet of LP SmartSide engineered wood siding and trim.

What’s wrong with LP siding?

The company manufactured this product during the early- to mid-1990s and homeowners noticed problems cropping up almost immediately. LP’s Inner-Seal siding featured a 25-year warranty. However, in many cases, the siding rotted, disintegrated, and became discolored. Some plaintiffs alleged that the siding grew fungi.

Does LP siding rot?

LP carried a 25 year warranty and began to rot pre maturely, discoloring, disintegrating and even growing fungi. This style of wood siding is OSB (Chunks of wood glued together) with a wood grain pattern.

What does LP stand for in siding?

Louisiana Pacific

To prevent termite damage, rot and decay, Louisiana Pacific (LP) uses a special manufacturing process. The end result is a much more durable wood panel. LP® siding offers the beautiful and distinct look of real wood for unbelievable visual appeal without any sacrifice in quality.

What is LP SmartSide made of?

LP SmartSide siding looks more like traditional wood because it’s made of wood – wood strands and fibers that are treated with zinc borate to resist damage from termites and fungal decay.

Does LP SmartSide have an R-value?

Energy Efficiency

However, LP smart siding has a higher insulation R-value than that of traditional vinyl. The higher the R-value, the better the insulation and the lower the energy bills. But, there have been improvements made on traditional vinyl to make it a better insulator.