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Can you kill grass with cardboard?

Spreading a thick layer of newspaper or cardboard on top of grass is an effective, non-toxic way to kill it without having to dig. To use cardboard instead, spread two layers of thick cardboard around the area, being sure to overlap all pieces on top of the grass area until there are no gaps.

Can you put cardboard around a tree?

As to how close you can move the cardboard to the tree and still allow for water penetration a good rule of thumb is no closer than the drip line of the tree. Mulch itself is a good weed suppressor if applied properly, so adding cardboard should not be necessary.

Is it good to put cardboard under mulch?

Every farmer and gardener knows that mulching is a must to cut down on irrigation, but the cardboard used in sheet mulching is much more effective at trapping moisture than typical wood chips or straw.

Can you use cardboard instead of landscape fabric?


Every time you make an online purchase, you get a cardboard box that can be used as a plant-friendly, biodegradable landscape fabric alternative. The idea of cardboard as a method of weed control comes from the concept of sheet mulching.