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Can you eat violet flowers?

A beautiful violet flower. The roots and seeds of this plant are toxic and should not be eaten. The flowers were traditionally used as a flavouring in puddings and sweets or crystallized and used as an edible decoration.

Are violet flowers poisonous?

Adverse effects and toxicity of violet

Violet is not a poisonous plant and its possible toxicity is mainly due to improper use or in higher doses than recommended. It is considered a safe plant in general. Its possible adverse effects may be due mainly to the high content of saponins of the root.

Can you eat violet flowers raw?

And both ways it's really tasty. It's got a pretty mild flavor it doesn't have that bitterness that dandelion or some of the other wild greens do. So it's actually really good. And the flowers are

What do violet flowers taste like?

TheViola Odorata, or sweet wood violet, is commonly the one that grows in the wild, with blue petals and heart-shaped leaves. The flavour profile is sweet to mildly “green”, and the best way to assess this is always to taste. Highly perfumed violets work best in beverages, teas and desserts.

What part of violets can you eat?

Both the leaves and blossoms are edible, either raw or cooked, and are extremely high in vitamin C. The flowers are a wonderful late winter or early spring treat, and are often made into violet jelly or violet syrup.

Is it safe to eat wild violets?

Harvesting wild violet

Leaves are edible but because the leaves are easily confused with other non-edible plants it is important to stick with the sure bet if you are unfamiliar with violets and their look-alikes. Violet flowers can be used to garnish salads or flavor vinegar and syrup.

What does violet syrup taste like?

On their website, Monin describes their violet syrup as having a “mild, floral, springtime flavor.” Mix That Drink had a more detailed description for the taste of Creme de Violette, which is a violet liqueur, saying, “A glass of Creme de Violette smells flowery and sweet –- and strangely familiar, to me at least.

Can you eat dried violets?

Violet leaves can be sautéed or steamed. I also like to stir them into soups as a nutrient-dense thickener. The flowers make a lovely garnish—we sprinkle them on salads and add them to cakes and pancakes. Violet flowers are also beautiful when candied or frozen into ice cubes.

How do you make violet tea?

To make violet tea simply place a tablespoon or two of fresh,clean violet flowers in your tea cup. Cover with boiling water and allow to steep for about 10 minutes. The flowers give off a lovely blueish color that deepens to purple the more violets you use. Strain out the flowers and drink.

What can I do with violet flowers?


  • Infuse oil or make a balm with the leaves.
  • Make violet jelly and vinegar.
  • Use violet leaf infused oil to make soap.
  • Infuse honey.
  • Steep the flowers to make a tea.
  • Freeze violet flowers in ice cubes.
  • Toss them in salads.

What is violet tea good for?

Some people use sweet violet for respiratory tract conditions, particularly dry or sore throat, stuffy nose, coughs, hoarseness, and bronchitis. Other uses include treating pain in the minor joints, fever, skin diseases, headache, trouble sleeping (insomnia), and tuberculosis.

What is violet syrup used for?

This violet syrup is great when added to icings and buttercream for cakes; and is wonderful when used in beverages – only a small amount is needed to add to sparkling wine or lemonade for a delectable and elegant drink. I have also added the syrup as a flavouring for homemade macaroons, French Macarons.

Can you pick violets?

Start by washing and wilting your violets. Let the violets sit out overnight so that they lose a bit of moisture. Depending on your time and preference, you may pick off all the petals (this produces a more consistent violet color) or you can go the easy route and use them whole.

How do you make violet oil?


  1. collect wild violets on a sunny, dry day and let them sit for 1 day to get rid of extra moisture.
  2. Pour over sweet almond oil or any other carrier oil of your choice.
  3. Close the jar with a piece of cloth and rubber band so it can breathe and place it in a dark spot.

How do you harvest violet flowers?

When and How to Harvest: Gather violet leaves and flowers in the spring to early summer when they still look vibrant. Pinch off leaves and flowers gently, making sure to leave enough of the plant so that it continues to flourish. Many wild violets transplant well and will flourish in shady areas of your garden.

Can you drink violet tea?

Each spring, our lawn is suddenly blanketed with tiny purple flowers. These cute little flowers are known as wild violets. Small as they are, they are delicious to drink in tea and provide several vitamins and nutrients.

What is violet lemonade?

A combination of water and flowers steeped overnight and then sweetened with sugar renders a light purple syrup that gets brighter with a squeeze of lemon. Add even more lemon juice, and a chemical reaction between the flowers and the acid turns the syrup vivid pink. Naturally, we made lemonade.

What do wild violet leaves taste like?

Violet leaves are a tasty salad green, with a flavor like sweet peas + lettuce. For the more experienced forager, they are available throughout the growing season, but they are best in the spring.