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Can Kenmore Elite be stacked?

While the Elite washers and dryers may be positioned separately, some of the units are also designed for stacking. Attachment kits are available online or in Sears department stores and can help firmly connect the washer to the dryer.

Are Kenmore Elite front loads stackable?

Kenmore Elite 4.5-cu ft Stackable Steam Cycle Front-Load Washer (White) ENERGY STAR.

What do I need to stack my Kenmore Elite washer and dryer?

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Can you stack a Kenmore washer and dryer?

Yes most Kenmore front load washers can have a dryer stacked on top. Stacking the dryer on top of the washer requires a stacking kit.

How do I know if my washer is stackable?

Not all washing machine and dryer models are compatible for stacking. Check the manufacturer’s website or your owner’s guide to be sure your specific washer and dryer can stack together. Because it weighs much less than the washer, the dryer must always be stacked on top.

Are stacking kits universal?

Unfortunately, there is not a universal stacking kits for all stackable washer and dryer units. There are different stacking kits out there, each designed to specifically to fit selected models for a specific brand like, Samsung, GE, Whirlpool, Bosh, etc.

Are all front load washer and dryer stackable?

Not all front-loaders are stackable, and a top-load washer can’t be stacked. You’ll also need to purchase a stacking bracket kit to secure the dryer to the top of the washer.

Do stackable washers have to be stacked?

Standard Front Load – These units are full sized units that are purchased separately and can be installed beside each other. Otherwise, the stacking kit must be purchased separately if they are going to be stacked on top of each other.

Can all washing machines be stacked?

As a general guideline, you can usually stack any washer and dryer if the width and depth measurements are equal, or if the washer’s footprint is larger than the dryer’s. Unfortunately you can’t stack a bigger dryer on top of a smaller washer – it’s just physics!

Can you put a stackable washer and dryer anywhere?

Generally, you can put a stackable washer and dryer anywhere in your home or apartment. The only condition is that they must have access to three things: power supply, water supply, and venting hose. As a highly recommended extra, you’ll also want to get a stacking kit as well.

Do stackable washer dryers need a vent?

Stackable washers and dryers typically still need a vent. While they are compact and save space, most are still designed to vent to the outside. If you live someplace where venting just isn’t possible, like an apartment, don’t give up yet.

Can you use a stackable washer and dryer side by side?

Most stackable appliances also have free-standing capabilities and can operate side by side just as well, it just might require a few tools and some knowledge about washers and dryers. SFGate Home Guides recommends consulting manufacturer directions for your particular model before unstacking.