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Can a wax begonia grow indoors?

Wax begonias are not difficult plants to grow indoors and can be included in a massed windowsill planting for bright indoor color. To keep the plants looking vibrant, pinch off old blooms and keep the plant free of brown and old leaves.

How long will a begonia live indoors?

Begonias typically live for 2 to 3 years indoors with some varieties surviving as much as 5 years with very good care. After 2 years, it’s generally recommended to propagate your Begonia, if you wish to keep growing it. As far as outdoor Begonias, they last only one season as they don’t survive the winter.

Can you bring a begonia indoors?

Some begonias can simply be brought indoors prior to the onset of cold weather for continual growth, such as with wax begonias. These begonias should be brought indoors for overwintering rather than digging them up.

How do you care for begonias wax indoors?

Planted in the garden, wax begonias will require a minimum of 1 inch of water per week. Applying a thick layer of mulch will help retain soil moisture between waterings. Indoor potted plants should be watered when the soil dries through the first 1/2 inch. Water them throroughly and allow the pot to drain completely.

How do you care for indoor begonias?

Keep soil evenly moist, allowing it to dry only slightly between waterings. Reduce water in winter (stop watering tuberous begonias in fall). Always avoid wet or waterlogged soil. When plant is in full growth, fertilize with balanced liquid fertilizer at half strength at alternate waterings.

Is begonia indoor or outdoor plant?

Begonias are popular as annual bedding plants outdoors and as houseplants indoors. There are about 1500 different begonia species native to tropical regions worldwide, including Central and South America, Asia, and Africa.

How do you keep begonias blooming inside?

Begonias like evenly moist soil, but they prefer to dry out just a bit between waterings. Stick your finger in the soil up to the first knuckle—if it’s dry, water it. When watering your Begonia, opt for distilled water or rainwater if possible, as the plant can be sensitive to the dissolved salts in tap water.

Can I bring my begonia inside for the winter?

If your begonias are in a container, you can overwinter them right in the pot. Just make sure to bring them indoors before the temperature drops below 60° F. Fibrous varieties like rex, angel wing, and wax, can be kept alive as a houseplant through the winter.

Do wax begonias come back every year?

Wax begonia is a hardy perennial that brings bright blooms to your home and garden for the majority of the year.

How cold can wax begonias tolerate?

Most species of begonias can be damaged by temperatures lower than 45 or 50 degrees.